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Oh, Catastrophe...

Catching up.

Gabrielle sighed as she sat back on the bunk where she was currently trying to read the booklet for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which she was determinate to play tonight and beat the shit out of everyone else in the room. She was currently touring with his boyfriend, Shayley Bourget, who had begged for her to come so she wouldn’t stay at the house all by herself.

He had claimed it was so they could spend more time together but she knew him better, she knew it was for the incident of 2 weeks ago, they had run into Austin and he was afraid she might have a breakdown but she didn't and she didn’t complained too much to be here with Shayley in Australia, but she felt as she was a burden because they barely had space for themselves, as a band, and now another mouth to feed and more space was occupied; but for Shay it didn’t mattered, although for Belle it obviously did.

“Babe?” Shayley called from the front of the bus, so she stood up leaving the booklet down and made her way to her boyfriend who was playing his guitar with a notebook settled next to him.

“Yeah?” she replied looking at his shirtless torso, biting her lip as he looked how he bit his lip ring deeply concentrated on his notebook.

He looked up at her, and closed his eyes letting out a small chuckle before asking “What do you think of this?” He played a few notes on the guitar while she listened to the soft tunes with arms crossed over her chest. She loved listening to Shay play, it had become the only thing that could calm her on a night when the nightmares were too much to handle.

“So?” Shay asked. “What do you think? Too boring? Amazing? Tell me something, babe!” Shay laughed and Belle couldn’t help to laugh at him, before she launched into his lap, giving only seconds to Shayley to put his guitar on somewhere safe. She kissed his lips, tugging on his lip ring as he ran his hands down her sides, feeling her up her clothes.

“Stop…” she giggled against his lips.

“Why…” he mocked her, only making her laugh higher.

“Because, you have sound check and I want to explore a little, maybe hang out with my boys from Our Last Night,” she chuckled and Shay rolled her eyes. Gabrielle loved to discover new bands basically from YouTube, and when she heard from this band called Our Last Night, she felt in love… with their music.

“I can’t comprehend your love with them,” Shay pouted “I’m getting jealous.”

“No, you’re not.” She retorted and Shay only stared at his girlfriend mouth hanging open. “Oh, c’mon! They’re my friends and we haven’t seen each other for a while, besides they ALL have girlfriends to which I introduced.” She pointed out and Shay knew she was right, he wasn't really jealous, he just loved teasing her.

“Fine, fine.” He mumbled. “Hey, after sound check it’s over. There are some friends I want to catch up with, you’re welcome to come.” He spoke as he put on a shirt.

She paid no attention the words ‘old friends’ and ‘catch up with’ she just walked to the bunk and grabbed the booklet from the game and shoved it into Shay’s face “I’m playing COD with Brandon and Andy.”

“Oh, okay.” He said and nodded, taking his guitar. “Dinner then?” he asked and she walked to the front of the bus, wearing a tank top from his band, Dayshell, and pecked his lips before replying.

Hospitals have this peculiar smell which is really recognizable, they smell of latex from all the gloves, they smell like medicines, the millions of bacteria’s roaming the air, they have that smell… A smell to which Austin was familiarized by now.

The brunette had been here since last night when she was brought in and it was now 10 o’clock in the morning. He had spent the night in the lobby, sleeping rather uncomfortably in one of the couches from the lounge, waiting for news on her. Austin had already called the rest of the boys and had told them about how Belle was in surgery, they were here about 2 hours later, all with worried faces as well and they didn’t lost one second to see her when she was out, only but Austin was outside hearing them talk to her and he couldn’t help but feel guilty, he was, after all, the reason he had gotten herself into an accident.

Cause if she had not saw him with Ashley, she wouldn't had been upset, they wouldn't had fought, she wouldn't had been driving while crying, she wouldn't had picked up the phone when a truck smashed through her side, she wouldn't be here and everything would be fine.

Only if...

Austin ran a hand through his hair and sighed once more before finally entering the room. The walls were painted in a creamy color, making feel Austin sick to his stomach. He hated hospitals, it only reminded him of bad stuff; His mother’s death, his heart surgery, his monthly checkings, and now the way his best friend was lying in bed looking almost dead.

“H-how is she?” Austin managed to croak out, his eyes were puffy, he had stopped crying a few hours ago, but he looked like shit, he hadn’t eat, shower or anything.

“The doctor said she was fine for now, that surgery went well. Asides from that she got a few bruises and scratches but she is okay.” Tino spoke, looking at Austin who sighed in relief when he heard those words.

If she was fine...

“Why hasn’t she woke up then?” Austin asked in a sad tone.

“She just got out of surgery; you have to give her time.” Shay said, Austin just nodded and joined his friends who were currently surrounding the fragile girl lying in bed. She had her head covered by some bandages, her left eye was swallowed, her lip was busted, her arms had a few scratches, some deeper than others and even with all of that she still looked like an angel to Austin.

“You want to sit down?” Alan asked sitting in a black chair holding Belle’s hand and Austin didn’t said anything because his gaze was fixed in the slow motions of her chest, how fragile it looked and how the guilt was running through his veins. Alan stood up when he didn’t got a response from his tall friend and managed to sit Austin in the chair, who quickly took Belle’s hand in his and kissed it lightly. It wasn’t a surprise to anyone in the room, Austin loved Gabrielle, he was just too blind to see it.

“Please, Belle...” He said. “don’t leave me alone, I can’t—” he sobbed, “I can’t lose you.”

“TAKE THAT HOOVER!” Gabrielle screamed as she beat Brandon’s ass for the third time that night, making Brandon want revenge every time it happened. It wasn’t a big surprise she could beat him, after all she was a huge fan of the COD saga and had played it before, even with one of the best players ever who was M. Shadows from Avenged Sevenfold.

“Oh, c’mon! This is so cheating!” he chanted throwing the control towards his side and crossing his arms over his chest. Belle laughed and took her phone out, her eyes widening at the time

“Shit!” she cursed and stood up.

“Hey! Where are you going!? I want… AND demand revenge!” he screamed as she left the bus but not before erupting in laughter. She started to walk by the buses until she found the Dayshell one. She entered the front but saw no one, she called for the boys but no one answered, so she took her phone and dialed Shay’s number until he picked it up.

“Hey, baby.” Shayley laughed. The music in the background was loud and she didn’t had to be a genius to acknowledge he was in a club.

“Seriously, Shay?” She said sarcasm dripping from her voice, she honestly couldn't believe this from him.

“I’m not drinking!” he defended himself, before she could jump into conclusions. “The boys wanted some drinks so I’m sort of the designated driver. I don’t want them to be trashed tomorrow, I’m just hanging out and catching up.”

Catching up?

“With who?” she dared to ask, even though the answer to that question was obvious indeed. There was only one band Shayley could 'catch up' with.

Shayley sighed not sure if to say it or not, he wanted her to come as well as the boys. They missed Belle and Austin wasn’t around, maybe he could try it. After all what he could lose?

“Tino, Alan, Phil and Aaron.” He said, “they want to see you so why don’t you come down here; we are in HCA.” He finished and she didn’t miss to notice how he didn’t mention his name.

Maybe he wasn’t there, maybe and just maybe the coast was clear for now, she missed the boys and somehow needed to apologize for the way she was with them the last time she saw them.
“GET OUT!!!” Belle screamed at his friends, she had woken up just a few hours ago and she was already screaming at them, there wasn’t a particularly reason, she just didn’t wanted them there.

“Bee, calm down” Alan tried to reason but she just glared at him.

“I don’t want any of you here,” she hissed “get the fuck out of my sight.”

“Belle?” she heard Austin’s voice and somewhere deep down she wanted to cry and for him to hug her and tell her everything would be fine. She wanted for him to be there for her, but her reasoning had other plans. “What’s wrong, baby?”

“Don’t call me that.” She said, every word dripping venom from it “why don’t you all fucking twats understand that I don’t want you here, I don’t need ANY of you here. Especially YOU!!” she shouted at Austin whose eyes widened at her harsh words. He had it coming, he just didn’t thought it would be now.


“I want to be alone, leave me the fuck alone, I hate you all can’t you see that!? I’m tired of this, just get the fuck out of my life!!”

“Gabs, c’mon. You don’t mean that.” Phil said from a corner and Belle turned to look at him. He was right, she didn’t meant it because even if Austin had hurt her in some deep level, the others had no fault in Austin’s shit breakers, they were her friends, the only family she had and she felt how slowly she was losing them with every word she spat, she knew she would regret this, she knew it but right now, she didn’t wanted any of this.

She wanted the loneliness she felt in that specific moment, she wanted the pain, because she was convinced she deserved it. She wanted to feel nothing.

“Yes, I do.” She looked straight into Phil’s eyes and he saw how she was starting to break “GET. THE. FUCK. OUT. OF. MY. LIFE!!!” she screamed; And as if in a queue the nurse came into the room and asked all of them to retreat from it, leaving just the two of them.
She took Belle’s temperature, scribbled down some vitals and checked Belle’s bandages.

“You know probably it’s none of my business,” the nurse started gaining Belle’s attention “but those boys were here day and night, especially the tall one.”

“You’re right,” she sighed “It’s none of your business.”

After all that happened, she knew she was wrong by putting all of the blame into her friends shoulders. When everything went down she convinced herself that everyone knew how Austin was playing with her and they decided to keep shut.

She had thought the worse out of herself, out of everyone. But she realized in the end, they had no fault, not even Austin because he was her friend and maybe he didn’t even knew she was in love with him, so yes, she had to put on herself the blame by assuming things that obviously weren’t there. That were just part of her imagination.

She had forgotten that, she had convinced herself she had forgiven him and tried to move on She tried a new and fresh start with Shay after she left rehab.

She sighed into the phone where Shay was waiting for her answer “Fine, I’ll go.”
Belle changed into a black tank top and a pair of black skinny jeans matched with a pair of boots she had brought. She re-do her makeup and let her hair down in small waves and started to make her way down to HCA.

HCA, was club from Australia, one of the most populars at least to say. It was run by a guitarrist who was friend of Belle, he played in this local band called Sunset Strip, a pretty small band in town whose songs were mostly alternative and blues. The place wasn’t as crowded as she thought it would be for being a club with music so loud it could be heard from here to China.

“GABS!” Shay shouted over the music and she turned to meet his boyfriend who was currently wearing a baseball cap, a hoodie and some blue jeans. Nothing to special.

“Hey!” she shouted back “I can barely hear myself here, Shay.” She complained, and Shay nodded and took her hand in his and drove into the club into a secluded area where the music wasn’t as loud as in the lobby and there she saw many bands. Maybe this was a post-party concert or something like that.

“GABRIELLA!” she heard the unrecognizable and almost Spanish accent of Tino’s voice calling her and she turned around to meet the drummer who had longer hair and a bushier beard, she couldn’t help but laugh when he embraced her in a hug, because of how his beard gave her tickles in the neck.

“What?” he giggled with her.

“Your beard is funny, though it suits you.”

“Well thank you!” he said and looked her up and down “You look great!” he smiled.
She smiled back “Thank you. Where is—”

“BELLIE ELLIE!” she heard the screams in chorus of the remaining stooges. She turned around before they could tackle her into the ground and lifted her off the ground spinning her around before she complained about feeling dizzy.

“Nice seeing you, boys.” she chuckled and they started talking, mid way into the conversation while she was talking what happened with her after the hospital, she apologized to them for being such a bitch, to which they replied it didn’t matter and they totally get her. She was about to ask about it, but Alan took advantage and said that Austin had come clean to them and that's where the subject died. They continued to talk about her, them, their band, her job, old stories and just hanging out, having a good time without bringing old ghosts.

“Hey, why don’t we go tomorrow and have some dinner?” Phil asked “We know this great place of sushi you might like.” he shrugged with a smile and Gaby nodded without giving it a second thought.
Back in the bus, Shay was watching how Gaby was taking her clothes off, changing into a comfortable outfit. A hoodie and some sweat pants “I’m glad you talked to them again.” Shay said out of nowhere and Gaby looked at him through the mirror, Shayley lifting his gaze from the laptop to meet the one from his girlfriend.

“I’m glad too. I missed those lunatics.” She replied giving it no second thought and looking into her own reflection while taking her makeup.

“All of them?” Shay asked, pretending to be interested in the page in front of him even though it was just his email with mostly spam from people he didn’t even knew.

Gaby knew exactly what he meant with it and if she was totally honest with herself she had to say…

“Are you coming with us tomorrow, right?” she asked, changing the subject so she didn’t had to answer, hoping Shay would get the hint.

“No,” Shay answered sighing quietly. He wanted to know her answer, he wanted to know she was truly his, because he didn’t feel it like it. “I have some interviews and photoshoots, you know, band stuff.” He chuckled and she nodded, turning off the light from the bathroom.

She made her way down to his bunk and crawled towards Shay who took her in his arms, his hands rubbing the skin underneath the hoodie and Gaby’s hands were in his hair, tugging it lightly, making Shay to redirect his hand south, and into her panties feeling how his girlfriend needed him

“Fuck me, Shay” Gaby muttered in low husky voice while his boyfriend's hand started to rub her above her underwear

“Your will, my hands” Shayley replied with a grin and started to take his girlfriend panties off, after all she wouldn’t needed them for the rest of the night. He took off his shirt and Belle wasted no time in racking her nails through his back while he kept finger fucking her.

"Ouhh, Shay..." she moaned while he curled his fingers inside of her. "Please don't stop, babe."

Shayley smiled to himself and whispered "I don't plan to, but I do plan on making you cum more than twice tonight since it has been a while..."

"Shit!" Belle cursed inmerse in the pleasure Shay was bringing her. He smiled knowing only he could make her feel like this, that he was the only one who could touch her so intimately.

"But not yet..." he said and stopped touching her leaving her breathless and needy. "I plan on making love to you, my love."

"I'm only yours, Shayley." she spoke, truly meanting those words; she wanted to ease those doubts Shayley had at the moment, she knew about them and even if he haven't voice them out loud, she wanted to at least ease his doubts. Belle grabbed his hair and pushed him down so she could reach his lips with her owns and passionately kiss him.

"I love you, Gabrielle."


Okay, I drifted but I added some stuff... I think I blew it. I'm not ready to go full time there (smut). Let's go easy on this...

Be patients, it will get better. :)
Belle's outfit.



This is only chapter five and the story is fucking awesome!!!
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Thank you, I'm so excited with this story so there will be lot of updates since I have more prewritten. But I'm glad you like it,
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