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Oh, Catastrophe...


"Tell me you don't love me," He said with his eyes barely open, my heart was breaking from his cracking voice, but I was hurt and above all dissapointed he had come to this.
"I don't love you." I replied codly, blinking the threatening tears.
"Liar." He said reading right through my lie.
Disclaimer: I do not own Of Mice and Men or their girlfriends. Yet, I do own my own plot, and original characters. THEY'RE MINE. Steal them and I'll burn everything you love.


Austin Carlile

Austin Carlile

Austin is the frontman for the band Of Mice and Men and is 25 years old. He met Belle when she was 19 and fell in love with her but he never did anything about it, now he got what it seems like a second chance will he take it or let it slip?

Gabrielle Torres

Gabrielle Torres

Belle is a 21 year old girl who used to be a photographer when she met Of Mice and Men and now works as a self-spoken model. She was Austin best friend and was in love with him but now dates Shayley Bourget. She has some dark demons in her past that Austin knows nothing about.

Shayley Bourget

Shayley Bourget

Shayley is the former bassist from Of Mice and Men and now vocalist/lead guitar from Dayshell, he met Gaby when he still was in Of Mice and Men during Warped and has supported her through thick and thin, he loves her but now that Austin is part of the scene again he is determinated to not lose her.



This is only chapter five and the story is fucking awesome!!!
Got to the end and I can't wait to read more ^_^
NikiFM NikiFM
Only have gotten through the first two paragraphs of the first chapter and I have to say that I think I'm going to love it ^_^ Love your style of writing!!!! Going back to read more now ^_^
NikiFM NikiFM
@That Bandwhore
Thank you. I shall update soon, I promise haha

@age of aquarius.
Thank you, I'm so excited with this story so there will be lot of updates since I have more prewritten. But I'm glad you like it,
dianna. dianna.