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Coffee Shop Soundtrack


For some reason, that stupid ginger kept coming to the coffee shop after hours, and of course, Austin let him in every time. He didn't understandwhy he kept doing so. The eighteen year old knew that if he got caught, his boss would be extremely mad at him.

Yet he risked it.

It was now a usual routine. The boy, who Austin never got his actual name, would come in around 9 PM, ordered a small coffee (extra sugar and extra cream), a coffee muffin, and would sit in the corner of the shop. They would never talk. Actually no, the worker never talked. The ginger tried to make a conversation, failing miserably.


At exactly 9 PM, he entered the shop. Austin didn't bother even closing anymore. What was the point?

"The usual."

It didn't take long for his order to be ready, it was a simple one; thank god.


"Excuse me?" he blinks twice, confused.

"That's my name. I never properly introduced myself, Austin." He hands him the money.

The worker lifts an eyebrow, taking the money. "Oh." How the hell did he get his name?

Alan points to the obvious name tag that was pinned onto his shirt. "Blind much?"

Rolling his eyes in annoyance, he opens the cash register. "Isn't it time for you to sit in the corner, look out the window, and drink away?"

"You know, I was planning to do so."


"Now I'm not going to." Alan opens the little tab of the styrofoam cup and takes a sip.

Great, just what he wanted.


"Fuck." Austin mutters the next morning, sitting up from his bed. He rubs his eyes before looking at the clock that sat on top of his nightstand.


Class started soon.

Tired -no- extremely tired, thats how he was feeling. He blames the stupid ginger because Alan didn't leave early. He took his sweet ass time with drinking his coffee and eating the muffin. He literally just stood in front of Austin, not minding the daggers Austin he was receiving.

Scratch that.

It wasn't Alan's fault, it was his own. He could have kicked him out, but no, instead he secretly admired his unbelievably good looks instead.

Alan would make a few comments to him and Austin would just sigh in reply. Did he not get the memo that he wanted to close already? Apparently not.

"Rough night?" His roommate, Phil Manansala, asks, making him jump slightly.

"Something like that.."

"Not to ruin your morning or anything…you might want to hurry or else you’ll be late."

"Gee, thanks."

"Love you!"



"Why the fuck is it so cold." Austin mutters to himself, making his way to his class that was across the dorm building. He had a long-sleeved shirt underneath his infamous Slipknot crewneck, followed by his favorite black beanie. His skinny jeans didn't help in this case; however, it was the only pair that did not need to be washed. It was barely October and goddamn, it was cold. "Its Chicago though, so I can’t complain."

"You got that right." A voice interrupts his thoughts.

That voice.

Why did it sound so…oh. Oh no.

The ginger stood behind him with the cheekiest smile he has ever seen before. "Hey, Austin. Fancy meeting you here."


alan's a little shit



Austin Austin

Please update this is amazing

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Please update soon. I love this!

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that's perfect and it's so cuuutee :3 you need to update omf xo

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