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"What are you doing here?"

"Ouch, what kind of a greeting is that?" Alan juts out his bottom lip, pouting.

Austin rolls his eyes, "Sorry princess, next time I'll make sure to greet you better."

"That's better." he replies, completely ignoring the fact that he basically got called a ginger princess.

Remembering that class was about to start in a few, Austin begins to walk faster, hoping that the ginger would not follow; too bad he did.

"Whoa, slow down, Austin. Never have I seen a student walk so fast to class, well no, that's a huge lie-"

Austin sighs, taking out his iPhone, picking a random song and plugs his headphones in to block out his voice. It wasn't that he didn't want to talk to him..no, actually that was his exact reason. The boy was too energetic and talkative, two mixes that bothered Austin. Thankfully, Alan got the message and he got to class without getting bothered again.


The eighteen year old sighs as he walks to the public library. Time to do homework on King Arthur. Oh the excitement. He debated on whether going to his dorm but knowing Phil, he would probably get there in a few moments with his lovely girlfriend and yeah, he didn't want to see them being all cuddly. Austin scans the library to see which spot wasn't taken (and preferably any open seats in the back). Once he found the perfect table, he took out his notebook and his 50 Essays book, setting them in front of his as he sat down.

Austin already knew from the start that he would have to stay in the library all the day. From the moment he got assigned his homework. He had to get a good grade, after all, he was a perfectionist.


Austin slides out of the chair, putting all his materials away into his bag then he slings it over his shoulder. Time to go out in the cold weather. Fuck. He tries his best to hurry back to his dorm. Why the hell did he choose this college? Oh thats right, because this was his dream school. He had to suck it up. When he enters the main dorm building, he gets out his key to open his door. Austin was hoping to find Phil there, as usual, but he wasn't.

He takes out his phone to see what time it was.

8:45 PM

Wow, did he really spend the whole time in the library? Yes, yes he did. Working on an descriptive essay about a fucking comparison was not exactly his cup of tea. Especially when it had to about King Arthur. Nope, sorry. The only good part of this all was munching on his favorite snacks all day, so it wasn't too bad.


Buzz buzz. The tattoed man groaned, opening his eyes to reach over to get his phone out. He had received a text from Tino. What the?

Austin, do you know a kid named Alan?

Um, why?

He came in asking for you.


Yeah, he wouldn't shut up about you. Lol.

For some reason, Austin felt himself smiling and he did not know why.


all alan wants to do is get close to you austin,

why don't you let him?



Austin Austin

Please update this is amazing

Bandlover99 Bandlover99

Please update soon. I love this!

shadowmoses shadowmoses


Nikuyasha Nikuyasha

that's perfect and it's so cuuutee :3 you need to update omf xo

carlil3 carlil3