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Coffee Shop Soundtrack


"Austin, ring the customer up, please? Thanks!"

Austin jogs over to the cash register, looking up to see a tall lanky man with skunk like hair. "Jack, hey!"

Jack waves, giving him a small smile. "Hey dude."

"What would you like?"

"A small mocha latte please. Oh! And one of those big choco cookies."

Austin nods, punching the keys on the cash register. "That'll be $4.25."

And thats how it was every day. Nothing was special. Austin worked at a Coffee Shop and all his customers were everyday customers that seemed to be so content with life. Austin? Ha, his life was boring. He didnt have an significant other- not that he needed one because fuck, he was a completele sweetheart and a hopeless romantic- it just..wasn't the right time. Especially after what went down in high school. Never was he letting someone in again.

Austin was nineteen years old and the only reason why he worked here was to help pay off college. He didnt get any scholarships, which sucked. His dad couldnt afford it and that was okay. He was a big boy now.

But goddamn, his life was boring.

"Thanks." Jack takes a sip of his latte. "How come you dont get a boyfriend?"

And as if on cue, Austin groans.

This happened every day too.

"I dont know," he replies honestly, for the millionth time. "Not the right time, I guess." Austin wipes the counter with a handkerchief. "Besides, school comes first."


It was a Friday night and Austin was stuck closing up, thanks to his coworker Valentino Arteaga. He loved him too death, however, his excuse was because, if he can recall, 'I have a date with Steph! Its our one year, I cant miss it.'

Relationships. Ugh.

Austin sighs, ringing up another customer that had ordered, basically, almost the whole menu. He couldnt blame him though, Hall's Coffee Shop was the best in town. Especially in Illinois. He liked the idea that he lives in a college town, if he was honest.

The eighteen year old puts on his black beanie, grabbing the keys to lock out. As he shuts the door behind him a few moments later, he hears a faint 'wait!', making Austin look back with a curious face.

A small ginger with a nose ring, followed by an over sized crewneck that said Disturbed and black skinnys, reached him.

"Fuck! I knew I should have taken a break earlier." He mutters with disappointment.

Austin sighs, re-opening the shop. "Get in."

"Are you serious?" The gingers eyes lit up, walking inside. "Thank you. God, you saved my life!"

Austin rolls his eyes at the boy's dramatic comment. "Yeah..what would you like?" He goes to the back of the counter, looking at the stranger.

"A large coffee. Extra cream and sugar please! Oh..and hm, a coffee muffin too."


The boy hands him the money and waits for his order. "So..you work here."

Oh god, a talker. Why? And wasnt that pretty obvious?

"I-I mean, duh you work here b-but you know," He coughs awkwardly. "how come you opened up for me?"

Austin pauses as he pours coffee into the styrofoam cup. Why did he let him in? That really made him question many things.

"Thank you again," The small one says anyway. "I'm having an all nighter.. and without coffee, I dont think I would of made it."

Austin hands him the coffee and places a muffin into a small paper brown bag.

"It was no problem." Austin finally speaks, kind of surprised at himself. "Good luck on that all nighter."

"Thanks man!"


but who doesnt love a cashby story?



Austin Austin

Please update this is amazing

Bandlover99 Bandlover99

Please update soon. I love this!

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Nikuyasha Nikuyasha

that's perfect and it's so cuuutee :3 you need to update omf xo

carlil3 carlil3