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This Is Faithfulness At Its Finest

When They Say It Can't Be Done, Show Them They're Wrong

- Nicole's POV -
It's been 2 weeks since I've been in a relationship with Austin.
He's been so amazing.
He asked me to be his girlfriend with about 2 dozen roses and a huge sign in the sky.
Pretty cheesy, but nobody has ever done that for me before.
Him and Mia said they'd been planning it since we met.
I was more than thankful for them both.
"You don't know, what I've been through!"
I watched as Austin screamed in the studio.
He was amazing.
I was into every second of it, he sounded even better up close and personal than at the concert.
He finished the song and look at me, smiling.
He was always smiling.
He's so happy.
I got up and walked over to him.
He pulled me into his sweaty arms and hugged me.
He was like a building compared to me.
I am only 5'2.
I released from Austin and looked up at him, still holding onto his waist.
"So now that you've finally seen me in the studio," he chuckled, "do you want to go back to my house now?"
Of course I do!
"Um, no. Not now."
Wait, what?
Nicole what the hell are you doing?!
"Oh, okay... where do you want to go then?" he had a confused look on his face.
I want to go back to your house!
What am I even saying?
Come on Nicole.
Okay, now I'm REALLY not thinking.
Please disagree with me and just take me back to your house.
Please, please, please.
"I don't know if that's very safe..."
Yes, it's not!
So take me back to your house please.
"But okay."
Dammit Nicole.
He locked our arms and went out the door.
We walked a couple streets down, and there was Starbucks.
I could see my house.
I tried not to look.
I took a deep breath and walked inside with Austin, hoping Michael or Alyssa (my "mom") wasn't there.
They weren't.
I relaxed a bit and sat down as Austin got two caramel frappes.
He knew it was my favorite thing ever.
"So why'd you want to come here? Instead of back to my house.." he took a sip of his drink.
I couldn't help but laugh, he had some on the side of his mouth.
I smiled and wiped it off of him.
"Now, really tell me why." he giggled.
I couldn't just say "oh, I was thinking of going back to your house but didn't say yes the 5 chances I had."
"Um, I just wanted to get a drink first."
"Okay, well now you have your drink. Can we go now?"
"Why are you in such a hurry?"
"I just think we'd be safer if we got out of here. Like, now."
"Austin what is wrong?"
"Nothing! Lets just go!"
His look started to get more serious and he started to get louder.
"Nothing is going to hurt you Austin."
I put my hand on his.
He squeezed it tight.
"I'm worried about you getting hurt." he whispered.
Then he looked over at the window.
"Don't turn around. There's someone out there... they followed us and has been staring at you this whole time. I don't think they've seen your face yet. Do. Not. Turn."
He looked me straight in the eyes.
I started to shake in my own skin.
I was terrified.
"I'm going to put you on my back, and put your face down where nobody can see it. Okay?"
I knew he was serious.
I got up and Austin turned around.
I hopped onto his back and did as he said.
I buried my face in his shoulder, and felt him start to walk.
The bell on top of the door rang, and I could feel a slight breeze on my shoulders.
We're outside now.
"Shh. Stay down." he whispered.
He started to walk and I kept my head down as he said.
"Shit... we're gonna go the other way Nicole."
"What's wrong?"
"Sh, nothing, just stay down, please."
Austin started walking faster and faster.
What the hell is wrong?
I could hear footsteps behind us.
He started to sprint.
I squeezed my eyes shut, hoping it would go away.
We were almost to his house.
Please make it Austin.
This led to running.
I could hear both feet, pattering against the ground fast.
Then it happened.
I was thrown off of Austin, and he fell flat on his face.
I rolled over.
There was someone standing above me.
It was the man Austin was talking about.
I got a clearer look at his face when my eyes settled.


Thanks guys for the votes and subscribes. :3
title cred: Memphis May Fire


oh my god. i actually cried. you need to keep going!

Because...Bands. Because...Bands.
ae36246 ae36246

Thank you, mate. :3 hehe
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I like where this is going mate! :D