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This Is Faithfulness At Its Finest

Loose Lips Sink Ships So I'll Keep Silent

- Austin's POV -
I woke up in a dark place.
I was on the floor and my head was pounding.
I tried to move, but I couldn't.
My hands were tied together and so were my feet.
I wiggled and squirmed, but I couldn't get free.
There was only one thing on my mind:
Where is Nicole?

- Nicole's POV -
I'm in an alley.
I don't know where.
I'm lost.
Where is Austin?
I remember everything that happened...
Michael appeared and I was knocked out.
Where am I?
I came across a gas station.
I ran inside.
The cashier looked at me.
It was about 12:45 a.m.
"Excuse me, but what city are we in?"
She raised an eyebrow.
"San Francisco?"
I let out a sigh of relief.
"Are you okay hun?" she gave me a concerned look.
"Can I please use your phone? I'm just a bit lost."
She let me come around the counter and use it.
I dialed Mia's number.
She picked up after a couple rings.
"Hello?" she asked groggily.
"Nicole? Why are you calling so late?"
"I'm at a gas station.. I woke up in an alley and I don't know how long I was there. Can you come get me please?"
"Nicole, where is Austin?"
"I don't know!"
"Okay I'm coming, which gas station are you at?"
"I'm at 76 gas station."
"I'll be there soon! Stay where you are."
She hung up.
I want to know where Austin is.
Michael had to have taken him.
He wouldn't let him leave me in an alley.
Surely he'd look for me.
I shook the thought away and waited for 20 minutes until Mia finally arrived.
She rushed me outside and in the car.
"What the hell happened?" she shouted as we drove down the road.
"Michael, he came and took Austin somewhere! I don't know, we have to go to where my old house was! Why would he just take him?"
I wanted to burst into tears.
I gave her directions to my old house as she turned down many different roads, leading up to it."
She spun the wheel and parked in front of it.
I jumped out and ran up to the door, kicking it in.
I've seen Michael do enough things to learn that.
I looked through the house for Michael.
No sign of him.
I looked in my old room.
The kitchen.
Their room.
I sat down on the couch in the living room putting my hands on my head.
Then I started to hear something.
I got down on the floor and put my ear up to it.
Muffled screams and kicks against the wall came out.
It was coming from the basement.
I never went down there.
Michael used to tell me that there was someone down there who killed and ate little kids like me.
I tried to open the door.
This has always been my biggest fear.
My partner being trapped and me not being able to get to him.
I was already angry enough.
I kicked it a couple of times til the wood broke.
The kicks and screams were louder now.
Then they stopped.
I didn't hesitate to run down there.
Just as I thought.
The person who I thought was my "dad" is a fucking psycho.
He was standing over a bloody and bruised Austin.
Mia must've ran after me because she completely attacked my dad.
I thought she was going to kill him.
I ran straight to Austin and started to untie him.
"Austin, I'm so sorry."
"What... did I ever do?"
That's something I wanted to know to.
Michael could give less of a shit about me, why kidnap Austin?
Mia finally got off of him.
He was lying on the ground, knocked out cold.
"Don't worry, he'll wake up." she straightened her shirt.
I picked up one of Austin's arms and Mia picked up the other.
We brought him outside and into Mia's car.
I sat in the backseat with him and he rested his head in my arms.
She started to drive back to his house.
"Austin I'm so sorry. I should've just listened to you and have gone back to your house."
A tear shed from my eye and rolled down my face.
He looked at me with half open eyes and wiped it away.
"Pretty little lady with those swollen eyes, won't you show them to me?" he whispered closing his eyes slightly.
"Austin, stay awake."
I shook him.
His eyes opened again.
I pulled him closer to me.
"It's gonna be okay, we're almost home."
Please stay with me.
I can't live without you.
Is all I could think.
We finally arrived back at Austin's house.
I immediately grabbed Austin and Mia helped me carry him inside.
I slammed the door open and Alan jumped up from the couch when he seen Austin.
"Holy shit, Austin what happened?!"
Everyone ran in the room.
Austin was slightly moaning.
"We have to get him to a hospital!"
"No..!" Austin choked.
"Yes Austin! I don't care, we're taking you!"
Phil lifted him onto his shoulder and we all made our way to the car.
My heart was hurting.
How could Michael do this?
I just want him to be okay.
Please be okay Austin.


Why did Michael kidnap Austin?

Is Austin okay?

What will happen when they get to the hospital?

title cred: Of Mice & Men


oh my god. i actually cried. you need to keep going!

Because...Bands. Because...Bands.
ae36246 ae36246

Thank you, mate. :3 hehe
Six Meths A Day Six Meths A Day
I like where this is going mate! :D