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This Is Faithfulness At Its Finest

Keep Talking Cause I Love To Hear Your Voice

- Nicole's POV -
Austin took my hand and smiled at me.
He walked me up to the front door and knocked on it.
"Alan! Open the door!"
"Alright, I'm coming!"
I heard him say from the other side.
Soon enough, he opened the door and paused, looking down at Austin and I's intertwined hands.
He grinned and squinted his eyes.
"You're the girl from the concert."
"Yep." I said popping the 'p'.
He moved out of the doorway and Austin led me inside. Everyone was sitting on the couch that was up against the wall.
They all looked up as I walked in and Austin walked into the kitchen.
Don't leave me here.
I thought and looked down at the floor.
"Hey! I remember you... From a couple hours ago?" Tino had a confused look on his face but was still smiling. "Uh, yeah..."
I looked back down.
Nobody else really said anything.
They just waved.
I guess they knew about my anxiety.
I looked over at Aaron.
He was staring at my arms.
Dammit, my arms!
I turned around and ran into Austin.
He caught me in his arms.
So this is what it's like to have a prince charming.
Yeah, I've never had a relationship and I'm 18.
Sad, really.
You can't trust anyone these days.
But Austin was so different from everyone else.
You guys aren't even in a relationship, calm down Nicole.
My inner self told me.
He gently lifted me back up.
"You alright?"
"Um, yeah.."
He got quieter.
"Did you talk with the guys?"
"Yes. They're cool."
"Alan didn't say anything stupid?"
"Okay, good. Alan takes things a little too far with his humor sometimes..."
That kind of frightened me.
I'm a really fragile person and I take things people say to me to heart.
So the slightest thing could make me burst into tears.
"Oh, um that's fine." I lied.
"So what would you like to do now love? Anything you want."
He was so sweet.
"Um.. I don't want to seem like I change my mind too much, but can we go out? Like, just go walking?" I shrugged.
"Of course." he smiled and held onto my hand again.
We went out the door and started to walk along the concrete sidewalk.
We arrived at the beach and sat where no other people were.
"Why?" he said.
I looked at him.
He started to rub my arm and I shivered.
He traced over my scars lightly.
"I know your parents..." he stopped.
"Yeah.. that's part of it... but I just thought it was the only way out. I've been bullied my whole life. I get told to drink bleach, hang myself and take pills all the time. Even Michael has told me to..." I choked, "I've tried one time. But my neighbor found me. People would always tell me I'm an emo freak because I like the music I do. Nobody really likes me. I'm just a nobody. Maybe it would've been better if my neighbor didn-"
Austin put his hand over my mouth.
"Don't ever speak that way about yourself. You're safe now, I promise. You deserve to be here. This is where you belong. You're a great person Nicole. I like you. Even if that means my name is nobody." he smiled.
I chuckled.
"Thank you so much Austin.. For everything."
He pulled me into his arms and held me.
"I know it's tough, but please don't give up." he whispered, "before we played, I seen you in the crowd. We weren't planning on doing The Great Hendowski, but I could see your arms... so I told the guys we would, and we did. It was a message to you. I'm not sure if you got that, but that's why we played it."
I released from him and looked into his eyes.
Mine were full of tears.
He looked into my eyes and smiled.
Then bent down and gently kissed my lips.
It was a passionate kiss.
I've been in love with this man for years, and here I am kissing him.
We finally released.
"I like you a lot." he looked at his feet which were buried in the sand.
I rested my head on his shoulder.
"I like you too."


I'm gonna update more tonight.
I like writing this. :3
Enjoy. xx
title cred: Pierce The Veil


oh my god. i actually cried. you need to keep going!

Because...Bands. Because...Bands.
ae36246 ae36246

Thank you, mate. :3 hehe
Six Meths A Day Six Meths A Day
I like where this is going mate! :D