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Selfish Machines

Chapter five:

Me and Spencer were making out and we needed to take a breathe because it was getting really heated and intense. She leaned back to breathe and she looked around the room her eyes stopped at the door, I turned my head to look at the door and Vic was standing there. Well this is awkward... Why does he look so mad?

I knew they were friends but that's all they were. It was obvious he liked her but he didn't have the balls to do anything about it. First come first serve right?

Vic stormed off down the hall.

"I better go talk to him" I said

Spencer just nodded and I put her back down on the floor. I chased after Vic and he quickly ran into the kitchen.

"Dude what's your problem?" I asked slightly confused

"What the fuck is your problem 'dude'?" Vic said raising his voice.

"Seriously Vic?" Why is he acting like such a child?

"You know what? You're my problem!"

"How am I YOUR problem?"

"First I hear you stuck up for her at school and now I walk in on that!"

"So?" I scoffed

"What do you like her now?"

"No actually I don-... Wait.... What if I do?"

"You better not!"

"What are you gonna do about it?" Vic knew I could take him I'm bigger and I'm stronger

"Nothing that's right you can't do anything about it" I said

"You know I like her!" Vic said

"So? I like her to!"

"We all know you're just gonna fuck her than leave like you always do"

"At least I have the balls to make a move!"

"You don't deserve some one like Spencer, you're just gonna break her heart!"

"And so what if I do?"

"You break her heart and I'll break your face!"

"Try me"

We were yelling at each other but that's what brothers do they fight but he took it way too far when he pushed me. It wasn't hard just a light push but still.

I pushed him back lightly just so he understands two can play this game

He pushed me harder this time, it took me by surprise and I almost fell back.

Spencer Pov-

I was upstairs trying to comprehend what just happened when I heard two voices yelling from down stairs. I went to go check it out, I was at the bottom if the stairs when I heard my name I stopped.

"You don't deserve some one like Spencer, you're just gonna break her heart!" I heard Vic yell

"And so what if I do?" I heard Mike yell back

"You break her heart and I'll break your face!" Vic yelled, Vic wasn't a big guy but I've seen him take someone before

"Try me" Mike said

Oh god Vic don't do anything stupid, Mike will crush you to pieces. I hope he doesn't get hurt.

I decided to go and check out what's happening, then I heard a crash.

I immediately ran to the kitchen to see them both on the kitchen floor pounding on each other.

"Hey! Break it up you two!" I said trying to pull Vic off of Mike.

They both stood up and I could see Vic had a busted lip and a huge fist print on the side if his face, as for Mike he had a small red spot on his cheek and his nose was bleeding.

"What the fuck is going on?" I asked

"it's his fault!" They both said in unison, wow there so different yet so alike at the same time.

They both huffed then went opposite ways leaving me in the kitchen alone.

Great I have to spend two weeks here and there fighting over me!



Updated :) and much more to come

I really like this you should keep going. Hope you update soon