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Selfish Machines

Chapter six:

I was upstairs in "my" room when I heard the door downstairs slam I looked out the window to see Mike hoping in his car. I didn't know where he was going and nor did I care. I needed some time to think, I was so confused about my feelings. Do I like Mike? I mean like like like him a lot. We've always hated each other how can I like him. And how can he like me? He's always been the biggest dick to me for no reason. But that kiss... I felt something, it was something special almost magical.

I didn't want to just be another one of mikes hook ups I actually wanted something with him but he doesn't do romance he doesn't even do the whole fuck on the first date thing it's more like get high and fuck. You're even lucky if it's his weed.

I laid on my bed thinking about Mike when mama yelled


I wasn't hungry but I'm sure if I didn't eat Mama would come up stairs and force feed me. She's a really caring person even more caring than my own mother but that's what I loved about her the fact that she cared when no one else did.

I ran down stairs to see 6 pizza boxes laid on the coffee table. I have no idea why there were 6 there just were. Vic sat in the chair sideways with his legs hanging over the edge while Mama and Papa put on there shoes.

"Where are you guys going?" I simply asked

"Papas taking me out for dinner then were going out dancing tonight's date night" Mama replied

"Sounds like fun" I said

"Yes it does we won't be home until later so don't wait up" Papa said

They said there good byes and I plopped on the couch in the closest seat to the chair Vic was sitting on. I grabbed a pepperoni pizza and offered Vic one

"Hey Vic you want one?"

He just nodded and grabbed the box out of mg hands

"You're welcome" I said

He didn't reply. I sighed and grabbed the remote

"Hey wanna watch a movie?"

He still didn't reply, he just sat there eating his pizza.

"Are you gonna ignore me forever?" I asked

He swallowed what was in his mouth before replying

"It's kind of hard to when you won't shut the fuck up"

My mouth flew open like seriously did he just say that?

"Why are you mad at me?!" I asked and he went back to ignoring me

I put on a movie and watched when I noticed Vic's legs beside me. He was wearing shorts so you could see his hairy legs. I grabbed one of the hairs and pulled.

"Ow!" He said

So I did it again

"Ow!" He yelled

So I did it again

"Will you cut it out?!" He yelled

"Not till you talk to me and tell me why you're mad at me"

"You wanna know why I'm at you?" He said his voice slightly raised

"Yes I do!" I said

"I'm mad because you fucking kissed my brother! Out of all the guys in the fucking world it had to be my brother!" He stood up and yelled at me

"Actually he kissed me!"

"You didn't exactly stop him!"

"So? Why care about my love life?!"

"Because I'm not in it!" He screamed with a tear rolling down his cheek

"W-What?" I stuttered

"There now you know! I care so much because I'm in love with you! I always have been ever since the first day that we met. And I can't help it I'm sorry but I can't control my feelings. So when I see you kiss my brother I can't help but be a little hurt angry and jealous!" The tears kept rolling down his face

"Why didn't you tell me?" I asked quietly
"Because it was never the right time but I thought tonight would be the perfect time so I went go tell you but I walked in on you and Mike."

"Vic I'm so sorry."

"Don't be I get it's okay you know what they say nice guys finish last."

Hearing him say all this stuff broke my heart

"I just want you to know one thing"

"What?" I asked

"I love you" he said and before I knew it we were locking lips

At first I was surprised but I soon melted into the kiss. Vic placed his hands on my waist and pulled his lips back before saying

"You don't know how long I've waited t do that"

"What one brother wasn't enough?"

"What?" I turned around to see Mike standing in the door way twirling his keys on his index finger

Fuck... Two times in one day?

"I forgot my phone here but I can see you're doing just fine with out me" Mike said



Updated :) and much more to come

I really like this you should keep going. Hope you update soon