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Selfish Machines

Chapter seventeen:

"Wanna get stoned and watch Harry Potter?" I asked

"Fuck yeah" He said.

So we got stoned and watched the first Harry Potter. He sat on separate couches cause if I would have sat on the same couch we would have ended up making out. Being around him is so hard because there's been so much built up sexual tension over the years.

"Do you want some pop corn?" I asked.

"Yeah babe if you wouldn't mind" He said as I walked out of the living room into the kitchen. Did he just call me babe? I thought to myself and blushed a little.

I put the popcorn in the microwave and went to the living room and waited for it to finish.

"Hey where's Mama and Papa?" I wondered

"There at some kind of dinner party they might be driving back now. Why?"

"I was just wondering" I smiled the microwave beeped, and I grabbed the bag out, put it in a bowl and put some butter on it. I walked into the living room with the bowl and laid down in my spot and put the blanket over me.

"Hey I want some" Mike whined.

"Too bad I'm all the way over here." I said

"Then I guess you'll just have to come sit with me" He winked.

"Noooooo that's so much effort though I'm comfy." I said Mike Stood up walked over to me and just laid on top of me and put the bowl near his face. He licked a piece of popcorn and it stuck to his tongue and he ate it.

"Ew mike you're so gross" I said

"You know you want me" he winked.

"You wish" I narrowed my eyes.

"I know you do" He said casually.

"No I think it's you that want's me Mr. Fuentes" I said hiding half my face under blankets.

"No I've already had you and guess what." He said and leaned in close to me and whispered "You weren't even that good."

"Not that good? Oh come on Mike I rocked your world. You even said it was good earlier." I stated.

"I've had better." he said

"Bullshit" I said

"No seriously I have, if you want we can try again" He flirted

"No way in hell Mike." Oh shit I'm starting to get a bit hot.

"Why not?" He asked giving me puppy dog eyes.

"Mike Vic is upstairs, we can't do that to him" I whispered

"True, I wouldn't want him to hear us. Last time you were pretty loud." He proudly stated.

"Tell you what if Vic leaves for some reason then we will." I said

"Deal" He said and with that we shook hands.

After that Mike's parent's stormed in the door.

Mike jumped off of me and fell on the floor.

His parents scrambled around the house speaking words in Spanish that I didn't understand. They walked over to mike.

"Hijo dónde está tu hermano que necesitamos hablar con usted." Mama said to Mike while slightly panicking.

"Él está arriba durmiendo lo que está mal" Mike said

"Abuela ha caído y ella está en el hospital" She said practically running upstairs.

The only words I understood from that was Hijo (son) Abuela (grandmother) and hospital. Abuela is the sweetest lady I have ever met I hope something isn't wrong.

Vic and Mama walk downstairs both holding bags and Mike just looks extremely sad.

They give the bags to Papa who walks outside with them.

"Hijo I need you to stay here I know you don't want to but you can't miss anymore school they already have you on the truancy list. We'll be gone for a few days but we will have to take Vic with us to drive."

"Mama please let me come, I really want to go see Abuela." Mike pleaded.

"No Mike it's final, plus someone has to stay here with Spencer." She said and then left with Vic.

"Mike are you okay?" I asked, he just sat beside me with his head in his hands. I held him not knowing what to say.

"I'm scared Spence."

"Don't be Mike, everything will be fine. Now is not the time for jokes but I'm guessing you really wanted to do it so bad you bad to get rid of Vic." I giggled a little bit.

"Yeah I guess it's funny how that works." He laughed lightly.

"Here come on" I said grabbing his hand leading him upstairs.

"This is the first time I'm ever going to say this but I really don't feel like sex." Mike said.

"I know just follow me." I said. We walked into his bedroom I took my clothes off and put on one of his tee shirts, I walked over to him got him undressed so he was just wearing boxers. We crawled into his bed got under the covers and I cuddled him so I was the big spoon.

We talked for a bit until we both fell asleep.



Updated :) and much more to come

I really like this you should keep going. Hope you update soon