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Selfish Machines

Chapter fourteen:

After about fifteen or so minutes of talking with Vic about random things we finally pulled up to a small Mexican restaurant. I was just about to open the door when Vic stopped me.

"Wait here" he said before quickly opening the door and running around to my side. "Here you go ma lady" Vic said opening my door.

"A true gentle man" I smiled while stepping out of the vehicle. He grabbed hold of my hand and we walked into the restaurant together.

We we were soon seated by a tall blonde with huge boobs. I assumed Vic would check her out because I know I did, like I don't swing that way but she was pretty hot for a chick. Vic didn't even look twice at her, it's probably because we were on a date and it would have been rude. I know Mike for sure would have checked her out, fuck! Why can't I keep my mind off of him? I know I made the right choice with Vic. Vic is too sweet to hurt someone and I don't wanna get hurt again. I don't know if I could handle another heart break. Not after what happened last ti-

"Spence?" Vic said snapping me out of my train of thought

"Yeah? Sorry I was just thinking" I said

"Oh that's fine, I was just asking what you wanted to eat" Vic smiled. We ordered our food and then the blonde trotted off.

"I just thinking about what college I wanted to go to" here we go, this is the one thing I hated about dating Vic. Since he's graduating this year he has to plan on which school he's going to next year. I'm sure gonna miss him.

"I have some big news" Vic said hardly able to hide his excitement.

"What is it?" I asked just as excited to hear what it is

"Well you know how I applied at a bunch of colleges all over the place?" Vic said grinding ear to ear

"Yeah?" I asked not sure if I wanted to hear his big news anymore. I hope he isn't going out of San Diego I couldn't handle being far away from him.

"Well I was accepted at my dream college!" Vic exclaimed

"No way!" I cheered for him. I was upset because I knew his 'dream' college was way upstate, but I can't be selfish right now this was his dream and there was no way I was gonna rain on his parade.

"Yes way! Before we know it I'll be in Oregon, I wanna go to college just incase the band doesn't go any where" Vic said the last part with a less excited tone in his voice.

"Vic don't think like that of course it will!" I said and as Vic was about to reply the waitress cut him off.

"Here you go" she said and smiled. As soon as she placed our plates in front of us we started eating.

"Mmm this is so good!" I said after eating about half my plate. There was just so much food I don't know if I'll be able to finish it.

"I know! I love this place" Vic said. Some guy wearing grey skinny jeans with a rubric rainbow belt, a Beatles t-shirt, and vans walked past us and I said Vic glance at him then back at his food. As soon as he looked at the guy his eyes filled with regret. That's strange did he know him?

"Do you know that guy?" I asked still confused

"Oh no, did you see his belt? It was pretty cool" Vic asked, trying to hide something I just didn't know what.



Updated :) and much more to come

I really like this you should keep going. Hope you update soon