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Teasing & True Love

We walked outside to the cars and got into Phil’s. Tino sped back to the venue, you could cut the sexual tension in the air with a knife. He stopped behind the bus in our designated parking area. He looked over at me after pulling up the handbrake and smiled.

“Let’s go, big boy.” I winked at him and stepped out of the car. He was by my side in an instant and grabbed my hand.

We walked to the bus swiftly and he opened the door, letting me walk in in front of him. As soon as he stepped in, he shut the door behind him and looked at me again. I started loosening the belt around my waist and pulled it off.

“Oops.” I mumbled.
“Are you trying to tease me, Miss McAllister?” he questioned with a cocked eyebrow.
“Not at all.” I said as I stepped out of my shoes. “I actually think I’m going to go sleep. I’m pretty beat.” I said and faked a yawn.
“Oh, no you’re not.” he said and walked up to right in front of me. He wrapped his arms around my hips and pulled me closer to him and placed a kiss on my lips. I pushed myself closer to him deepening the kiss.

We started backing into the bunk area to his bunk. He pushed me down onto the bunk and came down over me, stopping inches away from my face. His biceps were bulging under his black t-shirt and there was a burning desire in his eyes. A desire for me. I closed the little space between our faces as I kissed him. He kissed me harder and thus pushed my head back onto the pillows. I grabbed onto his arms and held on tight. I moved my hands to the hem of his shirt and started pushing it up. He shifted his weight onto his one arm, making it easier for me to take off his shirt. He put his hand down next to the side of my face again and kissed me lightly. He sat up and started unbuttoning my shirt. After he undid the last button, he shoved the shirt to the sides and started placing little kisses all over my body. A shiver went down my spine and I pulled his face up to mine. I kissed him, a deep, passionate kiss which he deepened. His tongue licked at my bottom lip and I let him in without any hesitation whatsoever. I didn’t try to fight for dominance knowing that he would win anyway. Instead I pushed myself closer to him. The feeling of his skin against mine made me moan and I flipped him over, now straddling him. I sat up and looked down at him.

“I’m in love with you, Tino.” I said.
“I’m in love with you too, Rose.” he replied.

I bent down and planted a soft, chaste kiss on his lips. He pulled me down next to him and held onto me tightly. We stayed like that for about 10 minutes and I could honestly say that I was enjoying it just as much as I would’ve enjoyed him being inside of me now. I felt his gaze on me and looked up to find him staring at me just as I thought he would be.

“Weren’t you ever told it’s rude to stare?” I quoted him from the morning after the first night we spent together.
“You’re just so beautiful.” he said softly. “I don’t know what I did to deserve an amazing girl like you.”
“I’m the one who should be wondering that about you.” I said and got on top of him. I bent down to his face and kissed him. He kissed back and pulled me closer, deepening the kiss and earning a moan from me.

My moans clearly turned him on, because suddenly he flipped me over and was now leaning over me. He kissed my forehead and my nose and placed a thousand little soft kisses on my lips. As he placed another kiss on my lips, I lightly took a hold of his bottom lip with my teeth and tugged at it. He smiled down at me and kissed me with force. I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him closer to my body. His hands slid down my sides and he started pulling my leggings off which I kicked to the side as soon as they were off. He placed soft kissed on my body just above my underwear and suddenly I felt a finger inside of me. He had shoved it into me through my lace underwear and was now pumping it in and out slowly, passionately. It felt so good that I didn’t even care that he had torn my panties. He added another finger and picked up the pace, causing me to moan loudly and making me wetter than I already was. He pulled his fingers out and stuck them in his mouth, licking them off. He moved his face back to mine and kissed me again while he tore off my beautiful black lace panties which I could not have cared less about at the moment. He threw them out of the bunk and went down on me. His tongue swirled inside of me in circular motions while he was rubbing my clit roughly. I tugged at his hair as his actions sent shivers of pleasure down my spine. As he came back up to my face for a kiss I pushed him onto his back and started undoing his jeans which I pulled down and threw onto the bus floor. His erection was clearly visible under his boxers and turned me on even more than I already was. I started palming him through his boxers while looking at him with a burning passion in my eyes. I pulled down his boxers and his erection sprang up at me. I took it in my hand and slowly brought down my head, finally placing a soft kiss on the tip. He moaned and at that moment I took his entire length into my mouth and started bobbing my head up and down. He pulled me back up to his face and without warning he shoved himself inside of me. He flipped me over onto my back and started pushing himself deeper into me.


okay, so this chapter is a little weird and ends kinda weird too AND it's kinda short, so i apologise and promise to make up for it with the next chapter. xx


@a daydream away
Naawww thank you :D You're so sweet :3

Anne96xD Anne96xD

hey Anne :) i will continue writing the story just for you and that comment. xxx

a daydream away a daydream away

Hey. I really love this story so it would be super cool if you keep writing :3
Anne :)

Anne96xD Anne96xD

I just read all the chapters of the story and must say that I just love this story. Please update soon :)

Tessa Tessa

Udate plz