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Announcements, Shots & Sexual Tension

Apparently they guys had made reservations for us at one of the local restaurants as a way to say thanks for coming on tour with them. We arrived at the restaurant and piled out of the car. Tino grabbed my hand as I got out and intertwined our fingers. We walked in with the rest of the gang.

“Reservation for a table for 7 under Carlile.” Austin said to the hostess.

She got one of the waiters to show us to our table. The table was beautifully set with candles already lit. It looked amazing. Tino led me to two chairs that were sort of in the middle of the setting and pulled out my chair for me. I sat down and he pushed in my chair. He came to sit next to me and held my hand under the table, stroking it with his thumb.

“I will be right back to get your order.” the waiter said and walked off after placing menus in front of each of us.

We all started looking over the menu in silence until Tino spoke up.

“Guys, I have something to tell you. Or actually, we have something to tell you.” he said, bringing up our intertwined hands from underneath the table.
“Oh, my God.” I heard Lucy’s voice. I was looking down at my menu to avoid everyone’s eyes.
Tino brought my hand to his lips and gave it a kiss before leaning down to my ear and whispering to me to calm down and not be nervous. I looked up and everyone’s eyes were on me. “Well, as you all know, Rose and I dated briefly about two years ago, but broke up due to our busy schedules and not being able to see each other a lot. Well, today we both confessed to still having feelings for one another, so we are officially together again.” Tino explained to them seeing as I still haven’t found my voice. “Rose is also quitting her job to ensure we don’t break up again over the same reason as last time and of course she decided this on her own.”

I looked up at Lucy who was smiling like an absolute idiot.

“Congratulations, man.” Austin said to Tino and came over to give him a hug. The other guys soon followed suit.
“Bathroom. Now.” Lucy said to me. “And yes, we are going to be gossiping.” she said to the guys as we left the table to go to the bathroom.
“I knew something was going on the moment I saw you sleeping with Tino in his bunk this afternoon!” she exclaimed as soon as we entered the bathroom. “Now spill, I want all the details!” she said, sounding like a giddy schoolgirl.
“There’s nothing to spill. After we got back from the fair, I cleaned him up like I told you and one thing led to another and we realized we still had feelings for each other and want to give it another go.” I said, not willing to spill my guts about exactly what happened.
“Oh, come on! When I peeked into Tino’s bunk this afternoon I saw your crazy after-sex hair, spill!”
“Fuck! Fine. I went in to clean his face and saw that he had been crying. He didn’t want to tell me why, so after I cleaned his face, I took him to his bunk so he could get some sleep. I asked him again why he had been crying and he confessed to never having gotten over me. We ended up kissing, but I stopped it as soon as I realized what was happening. He then asked me to just give him one last moment with me, so we made out a bit which led to an intense love-making session which became crazy sex. We fell asleep afterwards and when I woke up, I headed to the kitchen for something to drink and the guys told me to wake Tino up to get ready for the show. During everything that had happened, I realized that I still had feelings for Tino too and that that was the reason why none of my other relationships ever worked out. I woke him up and he went to go shower and I decided to take a chance. I snuck into the bathroom and got in the shower with him, confessing my feelings to him. We had a little make out session and just stood under the water for a while and decided to wait until dinner to tell you guys. That’s it.” I finished my story with a slight blush crawling up to my hairline.
“Well who knew you had that in you.” Lucy said with a wink. “I’m just so happy for you! I’ve been waiting for this to happen ever since you guys broke up. You two are meant to be together. All the guys think so too, especially Austin.”
“Let’s go back to the table and enjoy our dinner.” I laughed at her, linking our arms and strolling out of the bathroom.
“All caught up on the latest gossip?” Austin teased Lucy when we got back to the table.
“I actually am, thank you.” she said with a sarcastic smile.

I walked back to my chair and sat down next to Tino. As I sat down, our hands found each other’s under the table and he began stroking mine with his thumb. God, how I’ve missed this. Tino placed a kiss on top of my head just as our waiter came to take our orders. We all ordered and after our food came we ate while laughing and talking loudly. After dinner, Tino and I walked over to the bar to get some shots for the group.

“Seven Tequila shots, please.” Tino said to the barman.
“Tequila?” I questioned as the barman turned around to pour our shots. “Why, mister Arteaga, are you by any chance trying to get me drunk?”
“Only to take advantage of you.” he joked.
“Oh, you won’t have to take advantage, I will be pretty willing.”

A shocked look crossed over his face but he hid it quickly and smiled at me mischievously.

“Do you want to go back to the venue?” he asked me.
“After our shots.” I replied and we walked back to the table.
“We’re leaving after these.” Tino said as he placed the tray with shots in the middle of the table. “Do you mind if we take your car, Phil? You and Aaron can catch a ride back with Austin.” Tino asked Phil.
“Yeah, sure.” Phil said, handing him the keys. “Just don’t have sex in my car.” he winked.
“Yeah, and on that note, we’ll be back around one or two, please be done by then.” Alan added with a joking look of disgust.
“No promises.” Tino winked as he threw back his shot and winked at Alan, getting up and pulling me behind him.


Sorry for not updating in such a long time, had a crazy busy schedule lately. Let me know what you think about the chapter and the story so far in the comments below and if I should go on with writing fanfics and if you have any suggestions, feel free to pass the along, if I like the idea and decide to add it to the story, I will give you the credit you deserve xx


@a daydream away
Naawww thank you :D You're so sweet :3

Anne96xD Anne96xD

hey Anne :) i will continue writing the story just for you and that comment. xxx

a daydream away a daydream away

Hey. I really love this story so it would be super cool if you keep writing :3
Anne :)

Anne96xD Anne96xD

I just read all the chapters of the story and must say that I just love this story. Please update soon :)

Tessa Tessa

Udate plz