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Sleepovers & Roadtrips

* * * The three days till Saturday passed really fast and luckily I could get off from work for not only two months, but three. We had decided that everyone should sleep over at Lucy and Austin’s house the Friday night before we left to make our early departure easier. Aaron and Alan shared the guest bedroom, Phil wanted to sleep in the tour bus so he can get used to the feel of the bunk again so Tino and I shared the big sleeper couch in Austin’s study.

“Rose?” Tino’s voice came from behind me after we both had just settled in.
“Are you awake?”
“No, you idiot, I’m talking in my sleep.” I joked and turned to face him. “What’s up?”
“I’m really glad you’re coming with us.” he said and pulled me closer to his chest.

I breathed him in like I always did when we were still together. He still smelled exactly the same.

“Yeah, me too.” I said and cuddle into his chest. I fell asleep after that and was awoken the next morning by my phone ringing.
“Yes?” I barked into my phone.
“Good morning, sunshine.” Lucy’s voice rang through my ears. “Time to get up, we’re leaving in a hour.” she said and hung up.
“God!” I sighed and sat up straight. Tino was still sleeping next to me, peacefully oblivious to what happened. I got up and went to go shower. When I came back, I flopped onto Tino and placed a big, sloppy wet kiss onto his cheek. “Wake up, sleeping beauty.” I cooed into his ear, earning a groan from him.
“Why are you waking me up so early?” he questioned.
“You have to get up and go shower, we’re leaving in half an hour.”

He got up and went to go shower, returning without a shirt and dripping hair. God, I remember the first time I saw him like this in the morning.

* * *
I had spent the previous night at his house after going out clubbing. We both had quite a bit to drink and had been flirting shamelessly all night. Having lost all my inhibitions due to the heavy drinking, I asked him if I could spend the night at his because I didn’t ‘want to have to go through my hangover alone the next morning’. He agreed and we went to his house. On our way there I had run thousands of scenarios of what I would do through my head, but once we got there I didn’t have the guts to follow through with even one of them. We walked through his foyer and into the living room where I flopped down onto a couch and made myself comfortable.

“I see you’ve found your bed for the night.” Tino said as he came to sit down next to me.
“You’re kidding, right?” I asked.
“Of course I am.” he said and pulled me up. “If it’s cool with you, we can share my bed?” he asked.
“Yeah, it’s ok.” I smiled and followed him to his bedroom.

He pulled off his shirt and stepped out of his jean, pulling on a pair of pyjama bottoms.

“You can sleep in this.” he said and tossed me a pair of his boxers and a Megadeath t-shirt.
“Thanks, but I won’t need these.” I smiled and threw back the boxers.

He smiled at me mischievously and walked over to his bedroom door, closing it. I took that time as my opportunity to get changed and slipped out of my black mini dress I had worn that night. I unclasped my bra and threw it on the floor, slipping on the shirt just before he turned back around. I walked over to his bed, very well aware that the shirt was only covering half of my butt and with every step I took it rode up just enough to taunt him. I bent over to pull back the covers on his bed when I felt his big, warm hands on my hips. I turned around and smiled up at him.

“I think I want to kiss you.” he said as he look me dead in the eyes.
“Then do it.” I retorted.

And just then his lips crashed onto mine without warning and I felt like my heart was about to explode. His tongue begged for entrance at my bottom lip which I allowed and after our tongues fought for dominance, a battle which he of course won, he pushed me down onto the bed. I twisted my legs around his waist and pulled him closer to me. His hands started exploring my body, taking in each and every curve. I pulled and tugged at his hair, causing little moans to escape his mouth. He started playing at the hem of my shirt and I arched my back, pushing my body to his, causing his member to swell and arouse me even more. I could feel it through the little bit of clothing we were wearing, he was huge. I immediately started worrying that it might hurt too much and that we would have to stop, but my urges overwhelmed me. I started palming him through his pants and felt him swell and grow even more. I had almost had enough of this waiting when he pulled my shirt over my head, exposing my body. I closed my eyes and revelled in the feeling of his skin touching mine. His mouth found my breasts and placed soft kisses around my chest. He started licking and biting at one nipple, while his right hand was gently tugging at my other. The whole thing sent shivers down my spine and I knew already that this was going to be amazing. His mouth switched to my other breast and his left hand started tugging at my right nipple. He started moving down my stomach, placing soft kisses along the way. He reached my thighs and placed a big kiss on my clit through my panties. If I wasn’t already wet, this did the trick. He started playing with me through my underwear and I bucked my hips up to his face, begging him to stop playing. With this he tugged on my underwear and pulled it down my legs, throwing it on the floor. He started licking my clit in circular motions which drove me crazy. Without any warning, he pushed two fingers inside of me and started pumping. I was basically a waterfall down there by now and decided to pull him back up to my face. Before he kissed me, he stuck his two fingers in his mouth and licked it clean. I pulled his face down to mine and kissed him. I flipped him over and started rubbing him through his pants. I deepened the kiss and pulled away, earning a groan from him. I made my way down to his hips and started rubbing him again. I pulled down his pants and boxers a bit, his erection springing up at me. Good God, he was huge! I took all of him into my mouth and started bobbing my head up and down. He moaned and I sucked harder. I stopped and moved up to his face again, positioning myself over him. He asked for permission with his eyes, which I granted and almost immediately regretted. He was enormous and I cried out in a mixture of pain and pleasure. He rolled over, inserting the last of him. He gave me time to adjust to his size and started off slow. He picked up the pace as I started moving in sync with him. A mixture of our moans echoed through the room and I could feel a knot starting form in my gut.

“I’m close.” I breathed.
“Hang on, babe.” he begged and started thrusting harder and faster.
“I’m really close!” I shouted.

I felt myself let loose around him and he slowed down, allowing me to ride out my high. He then started thrusting harder and faster again, and within minutes, he let go inside of me and fell down next to me on the bed, still inside of me. It felt great to be this close to him. We fell asleep afterwards and when I woke up the next morning, I was still in his arms, our naked bodies pressed up against each other. I smiled at the image of him sleeping, he seemed so peaceful.

“Weren’t you ever told it’s rude to stare?” his voice interrupted my daydreaming.
“You look so happy when you’re asleep.” I said and placed a soft kiss on his chest.
“You snore when you’re asleep.”
“I do not!” I laughed and cuddled closer to him, accidentally rubbing up against him. I felt him rise and giggled.
“Want to go for round two?” he asked with a devilish grin on his face.

As an answer, I flipped him over and straddled him. I started off slow but my urges and desires got the best of me and it turned into wild, passionate sex like the night before.

* * *
“Rose?” Tino waved his hand in front of my face.
“Where did you go? You just zoned out.”
“Oh, I guess I’m still sleeping.” I laughed, not willing to admit to daydreaming about him.
“Well, we’ve got to get going. Have you seen my Megadeath t-shirt? I can’t seem to find it anywhere and I want to wear it today.”
“Uh, no. I haven’t seen it. Let me help you look for it.”
“I’m going to take some of our baggage to the bus so long, I’ll be right back.”

I made the sleeper couch Tino and I had slept on and cleaned Austin’s study so it looked like how we found it last night. In the process of cleaning I found Tino’s shirt and threw it on the couch for him.

“Thanks for finding my shirt!” Tino exclaimed, giving me a heart attack.
“My pleasure.”
“Let’s go, they’re all waiting for us at the bus.”

We grabbed the rest of our stuff and walked downstairs to the front door. We loaded our bags onto the bus and we all piled in. First order of business was to sort the sleeping arrangements. Tino showed me to the bunk I’d be sleeping in and told me that if I needed anything he would be right under me for the whole tour. I asked Lucy to show me her and Austin’s room and as we walked through the bus, I admired the size of it. It was the front lounge where the kitchen and dining area was with a TV area, then a curtain divided the front lounge and the bunk area where everyone’s sleeping areas were, there was also a reasonably sized bathroom. Then a large wooden door opened to the back lounge, where there was a TV area and a second bathroom, with a sectioned off area where Lucy and Austin would be sleeping. The bus was actually really big.

“Well that’s it.” Lucy said with a smile.


Well there you go, smut...hope you enjoyed it. ;) xx


@a daydream away
Naawww thank you :D You're so sweet :3

Anne96xD Anne96xD

hey Anne :) i will continue writing the story just for you and that comment. xxx

a daydream away a daydream away

Hey. I really love this story so it would be super cool if you keep writing :3
Anne :)

Anne96xD Anne96xD

I just read all the chapters of the story and must say that I just love this story. Please update soon :)

Tessa Tessa

Udate plz