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Fighting, Shopping, Touring.

“You just got back from three months away, Austin!” I heard Lucy shout as I entered her living room.
”I know, baby, but I have to go. I know it’s an inconvenience but it’s my job, I have to do this.”
“I know it’s your job and I know you have to go, but you were just gone for three whole months and now you’re telling me you have to leave again for another two months?”
“Hey, guys…” I greeted them both hesitantly as I walked into the kitchen.
“Hi, Rose.” they greeted me in unison and Austin took a step back from Lucy.
“What’s going on?” I asked, eyeing Lucy’s blotched face with bloodshot eyes from crying.
“It’s nothing.” she faked a smile.
“So, are we still going out for lunch?” I asked.
“You girls go ahead, I have some work related things to take care of.” Austin said and walked out of the room into his study.
“Let’s go.” Lucy said and grabbed her jacket and car keys.

We drove in silence to the diner and when we got there, our waitress led us to our booth.

“I’ll be back in a few minutes to take your orders.” she smiled and walked away.
“What’s going on between you and Austin?” I asked, pushing the matter she clearly didn’t want to discuss.
“Let’s just leave it be.” she half begged me.
“No. What is it?” I pressed on.
“Fine! Austin’s leaving for a two month tour in three days.” she said as a single tear ran down her cheek.
“What?” I exclaimed. “He just got back from tour!”
“I know. That’s my point. Let’s just enjoy our lunch.”

We both had a burger and fries and talked about everything we had missed out on in each other’s lives in the past month seeing as I had to go to London for work. I had missed this, just hanging out with her without Austin or any of the guys from the band. We rarely had time to hang out alone ever since we finished high school and she started seeing Austin. I had had a few relationships of my own, one of them even being with Andy Biersack but none of them worked out or were really as serious as Lucy and Austin’s was. They had been together for 3 years now, we were now 21, finally legal to drink all over the world. We had laughed about that for almost 10 minutes on her birthday and were mocked endlessly by Austin and the guys for being so young and getting so excited over something so silly. After we finished our lunch, we decided to go shopping. We ended up buying bags full of new clothes each. Obviously most of it came from Hot Topic and Forever 21, but we had also gotten some cute, fancy dresses from a vintage boutique. Lucy had gotten me a pair of new Vans and a pair of Converse so I decided to get her a pair of beautiful Louboutin’s. She basically jumped out of her skin when I gave her the box and she took out the pair of black heels with their beautiful deep red bottoms. She thanked me profusely and was giddy for the rest of our shopping adventure. Eventually time came for us to head back home and we got in her car and drove back to her house. When we got there, the guys’ tour bus was parked in her and Austin’s driveway. She parked behind it and jumped out as soon as she stopped the car, pulled up the handbrake and killed the ignition, leaving all her shopping bags in the back of the car. I watched her run to the front door and barge in. I got out, gathered all her bags and took them inside, my hands and arms were full so I had to shove open the front door with my foot, which then hit Tino straight in his face as he walked past.

“Fuck! I’m sorry Tino!” I laughed as I put all her bags down in the foyer.
“It’s all good, darling.” he smiled and engulfed me in a huge bear hug.
“I’ve missed you so much you smelly ogre!” I joked and gave him a sloppy kiss on his cheek.
“Same here my little munchkin!” he said and snaked his arm around my waist as he lead me into the living room where the rest of the guys were.
“Rose!” Alan exclaimed as he picked me up and swung me around. “How have you been my sex kitten?”
“I’ve been great thanks and you?”
“All is well.”

I greeted the rest of the guys and we laughed for a while before I asked Tino to help me get my bags from Lucy’s car and into mine. He agreed reluctantly and we headed outside.

“Thanks, Tino-bear.” I said and gave him a hug from behind as he put in the last bags.
“Always a pleasure.”

We walked back to the house and came back to an ecstatic Lucy jumping up and down and finally jumping onto Austin and planting a big kiss on his lips. He just laughed and put her down again.

“What’s going on?” I questioned as I came to stand next to her.
“We’re going on tour!” she exclaimed and started jumping up and down again.
“The guys talked to their managers and got us to go on tour with them!”
“Oh my god! That’s fucking fantastic!” I shouted and started jumping up and down like her too.
“Ok, we’re leaving at 5am Saturday morning, so you girls have three days to pack and get all your plans sorted.” Austin said. “The guys and I talked about the logistics already and we decided the most practical way to go is having me and Lucy take the bed in the room in the back lounge, have the guys take their usual bunks and then Rose can choose between sleeping on my bunk under Aaron or taking the bunk above Tino.”
“Obviously I’m taking the top bunk, Tino being under me is just a bonus.”

I should have probably mentioned that Tino and I had had a brief relationship two years ago that lasted for 4 months. It didn’t work out because we could never find time to spend together with us both having such busy schedules, him touring and recording all the time and me having to travel to London so often for work. Whenever he had some time, I would be unavailable and vice versa. We decided to end it but still remain good friends. We did so and it worked out quite well.

“You always did love being on top.” Tino joked and I could feel my face heating up and a blush creeping into my hairline.
“Shut up!” I said and punched him on the shoulder. “I can still move bunks and go to Aaron.”
“You would never.” he said and pulled me in for a hug.


So this is my first ever Tino fanfic EVER, so I hope it's at least kinda good. Please let me know what you think. xx

For all you dirty little motherfuckers the smut starts in the next chapter already, so if you're one of those people who like to get it off on fanfics (there is no shame in it) stick around and see what happens. ;) xx


@a daydream away
Naawww thank you :D You're so sweet :3

Anne96xD Anne96xD

hey Anne :) i will continue writing the story just for you and that comment. xxx

a daydream away a daydream away

Hey. I really love this story so it would be super cool if you keep writing :3
Anne :)

Anne96xD Anne96xD

I just read all the chapters of the story and must say that I just love this story. Please update soon :)

Tessa Tessa

Udate plz