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This Is Faithfulness At Its Finest

Stella Won't You Take Me Home

- Nicole's POV -
When we got in the hospital, they rushed Austin inside and to a room.
I still want to know what the hell Michael had against him.
I couldn't help but start to cry.
I've been dating Austin for about a week and Michael's already got to him.
He shouldn't even care.
I tried focusing on Austin.
Tino put his hand on mine.
"It's gonna be okay. I promise."
I side smiled to him and looked away.
How do I know it's going to be okay?
I can just imagine how they all feel.
Their best friend is in a hospital... again.
I remember his heart surgery.
It wasn't even too long ago.
This is my fault.
Because I didn't tell Austin I wanted to go back to his house.
Why am I so stupid?
I put my head in my hands.
We waited for about 4 hours until the doctor finally walked up to us.
"Nicole Ramos?"
I jumped up and wiped my eyes.
"Austin would like to see you."
He's awake?
He's awake!
Oh thank god.
I nodded and followed him down the narrow hallway.
I was on his heels until we finally reached Austin's room.
I walked right inside after the doctor.
And there he was.
Laying with his eyes open.
They cleaned up his body, but he had some stitches and bruises.
I ran over to him.
He sat up slightly and pulled me into his arms, carefully.
I could tell he was still hurting.
"I'm so sorry Austin."
He squeezed me tighter.
"This isn't your fault. I should've just said 'no' when you wanted to go back to the coffee shop. I knew it wouldn't have been a good idea."
His voice was raspy.
"I'm just glad you're okay..." I whispered.
I sat there in his arms.
The doctor cleared his throat.
I released and looked at the doctor.
"Is he able to leave tonight?"
"That's up to him. Would you like to leave Austin?"
"Please." he smiled.
I chuckled as the doctor lifted Austin into a wheelchair.
I slowly pushed him out of the room and down the hallway.
When we made it back to where the guys and Mia were, they all jumped up.
Tino smiled at me.
"I told you it was going to be okay."

We made it back to the house.
Now I was definitely staying with Austin for tonight.
It was already 4:40 a.m., but I didn't want to leave him.
When he crawled into bed, he fell right to sleep.
I wanted to sleep, but I was afraid of Austin waking up.
I lied there for 30 minutes.
He turned over and put his arms around my body.
But he was still asleep?
Was he dreaming?
I buried my face in his chest.
He's really okay.
It's probably going to hurt him more tomorrow.
At least he's still breathing.
But I still want to find Michael.
I have to know why he did this to Austin.
Why would anyone ever do that to him?
He shouldn't have even been involved in a conflict with Michael and I.
I shouldn't have ever made him take me to Starbucks.
I started to feel drowsy.
My eyes slowly started to close.
I drifted off to Austin's light snores.

- Austin's POV -
I woke up with Nicole in my arms.
My head hurts like shit.
My whole body hurts, as a matter of fact.
I tried to move, but I would just ache more.
Nicole woke up and turned to me.
She jumped.
"Austin, you can't move on your own!"
She tried to pull me up just before I fell off the bed.
My body hit the hard ground.
"Fuck!" I screamed.
I was hurting so bad that I could feel tears start to come down my face.
Nicole was already on the floor trying to lift me carefully.
It still hurt.
I would wince every time I moved.
She finally got me back on the bed.
Her fath- or, Michael, must've beaten me pretty bad if I was hurting this much.
"Just, please rest Austin... I love you."
She turned off the light and closed the door.
I guess I can sleep for a couple hours.
I closed my eyes.
But then I heard a thump from outside.
I thought Alan might've tripped or something.
I kept them closed.
Then I heard Nicole scream.
My eyes snapped open.
"Nicole?" I choked.
Another scream.
Just another scream.
There was a slam against my door.


What was the slam?

Why did Nicole scream?

Can Austin help?

title cred: All Time Low


oh my god. i actually cried. you need to keep going!

Because...Bands. Because...Bands.
ae36246 ae36246

Thank you, mate. :3 hehe
Six Meths A Day Six Meths A Day
I like where this is going mate! :D