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Meet My Dedication, Inspiration

I Need Your Love Like A Boy Needs His Mothers Side ♥

''Rae!'' I heard my brother yell out from downstairs. ''What?'' I yelled back sitting up from my warm bed. ''Add, I'm leaving, I'll be home in a couple weeks!'' he yelled back. I rolled my eyes, hes always leaving. 'Hes Going On Tour.' The voice in my head spoke. I have Mild Schizophrenia. But I've learned to deal with it. 'I know, hes in a band.' I thought back. 'No, Hes Leaving To Get Away From You.' I just shook my head and slowly slid out of bed. I wasn't gonna let the voices ruin today! Today Alan Ashby, of Of Mice And Men, is getting me side stage of tonight's show! I'm stoked beyond belief. I pulled my iphone of its dock, to see I had received a message from Alan.Alan (Ginger Princess): Hey Rae, you stoked for the show tonight? Im keeping it a secret from the guys so it will be a surprise!
Me: Alright, And YUSH!!!! Im gonna start getting ready, Im walking to the venue since its only a couple blocks away.. I'll text you when I get there!
Alan (Ginger Princess): Okaaaay! Ahhh Cant Wait To See Your Face ♥
I giggled lightly. I haven't seen Alan and the boys since Shay left Of Mice. After bub left the guys and I lost touch. Well, besides Alan, we're pretty close so. 'They Stopped Talking To You Because Your A Freak!' I ignored the voices. I walked to my dresser and pulled out a pair of ripped Capri's, a white lace tank top, and my ripped up Mitch Lucker memorial tee. I walked to my bathroom, Singing ShareWithMe by DayShell. Yes, I understand its my brothers band, but I honestly love the lyrics.
Once I was out and dressed, I let my hair dry and left my natural waves in. I applied thin liner to the top of my eye lids and my water line and some chap-stick. After shoving some things in a small bag. I picked up my camera and my Press Pass. 'Just in case.' I said as a threw the bag over my shoulders and locked up the front door.
It took me 15 minutes to walk to the venue. Its 5 o'clock, doors open at 6. Gawd, the lines HUGE! I walked around back as I followed the line. Some people stared at me, which made me a little bit self conscious. "Oh My God! Your Shayley's little sister!'' Some girl screamed causing more people to look and some people cheered for me. "RAEEEEEE!'' I heard someone scream behind me. I turned around to be attacked by a flying ginger in a tiger onsie. ''Gosh, Alan that hurt!'' I said pushing him off me. The cheering was getting louder by the second. Alan had noticed I was a bit uncomfortable. ''Lets head inside.'' Alan whispered as he grabbed my hand and pulled me past the security and into the venue. Once we were in he dropped my hand and pulled me into a gigantic hug. ''God, I've missed you so fucking much!'' He said loudly. 'I've missed you too, Ginger Princess.'' I replied giggling a little. 'He Doesn't Miss You!' The voice erupted. I flinched a little. ''Shut up.'' I turned my head and barked back not realizing I said it aloud. ''The voices back?'' He asked cautiously. ''Y-yeah.'' I stuttered not wanting to talk about it. He just nodded his head and pulled me somewhere. I heard laughter down the hall. We reached the sounds. It was the guys. They stopped laughing and stared at me and Alan. Tino and Phil had big smiles on their faces while Aaron had a confused look on his face. No sign of Austin. I ran into Tino And Phil's arms. ''I've missed you guise!' I whispered softly so I didn't cry. They didn't say anything and they didn't need to either. I pulled away and faced Aaron. ''Hai, My names Addalynn Rae Bourget, But you can call me Rae!'' I said with my hand out. ''I'm Aaron Pauley, Your Shay's sister?'' I tensed and forced a smile. ''Yepper Pepper!'' I replied as someone yelled out. ''COME ON! We're on!'' I could recognize that voice from anywhere. And then I see him. Austin Robert Carlile. He was walking towards us and then noticed I was there. He stopped dead in his tracks and a small smile formed on his face. Which quickly changed into his million dollar smile. He held his arms open and I quickly ran into them. ''Rae.'' He said under his breath.
''HELLO! YOU GUYS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE ON!'' A very mad stage manager yelled at them. Austin didn't budge. The guys lined up to hit the stage. First was Tino, then Aaron, Phil, Alan, then Austin. They played everything from The Flood. Austin looked over towards me and gave me his signature smile again before putting the mic back up to his lips. ''Alright guys! I would like to take this time to take a little break cause I would like you to meet someone!'' Alan walked over a grabbed me and started to pulled me on stage. ''Guys, this is my close friend Rae, and I hope she will do me the honor in singing a song with me!'' Austin spoke into the mic. Alan let go of me and I made my way to him. He had his foot rested on a speaker and hes arm was extended out towards me. I lifted my hand and placed mine in his. He handed me his mic as he grabbed the other from the security guard. He leaned down to my ear, ''Second And Sebring?'' He whispered. I nodded and turned around to the guys. And as the fans cheered waiting for us to start I had told them to give me a second. I pulled the mic up to my lips and took a deep breath. "Hey guys! I just wanted to say somethings before we start the last song! This song means a lot to Austin, and to be preforming it in Shay's, and now Aaron's place is fucking incredible.'' I let the cheers go on for a few. ''I want there to be as much crowd surfing to go down as humanly possible and I want you mother fuckers to sing as loud as you can, to show Austin, the band, and especially his mother how much we love and care about him!'' I looked up to Austin. ''Austin, your mother would be so proud of you!'' I let my hand drop from my mouth as he wrapped his arms around me. I pulled away and took a deep breath. ''And this is Second And Sebring!!!'' I yelled into the mic and The boys started to play.

It came to the last verse of the song and I stood in the front as Austin came and joined me. He put his hands around my waist and lifted me up on to a speaker. He still was like 5 inches taller than me. I only stand at 5'3. He looked down at me and looked up at him. His arms never leaving my waist.

''This Is Not What It Is, Only Baby Scars, I Need Your Love Like A Boy Needs His Mothers Side, Yeah'' I sang into the mic as a tear slid down my cheek. Austin noticed and pulled into his chest and the crowd cheered as loud as they could. Then the crowd grew silent and the same girl from before yelled out. ''Hey! Thats Shayley Bourget's Little Sister!'' I tensed in Austin's grip. I've Always Been Shayley Bourget's Little Sister. I Can't Be My Own Person. I'm Always In His Shadows, And I Hate It. Austin Gave Me A Sad Smile Which I Returned. He knew. He Always Knew.


Unnff please update with SOMETHING soon :3 anything really, I like the potential for this
maybeabbey maybeabbey
OMG, update, I love this!