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Meet My Dedication, Inspiration

This One's For You ♥

Once Rae was done singing the last verse I noticed she was crying. I pulled her into my arms. People were cheering but had quited down some. ''Hey! That's Shayley Bourget's Little Sister!'' Some girl yelled out loudly. I felt her tense in my arms. She hates its. Shes always 'His Little Sister'. I decided to lighten the mood. I picked her up and threw her over my shoulder. I noticed all the guys were already off stage. ''AUSSSSSSTTTIIIN!'' She yelled as she kicked her legs. ''Put me down!'' ''Nope!'' I said still walking to the tent for the signing. ''I'll Pull your pants down if you don't!'' she said and I just chuckled at her. I knew she would do it but I wasn't worried.

I flipped her over so I was carrying her like a princess. She scream and quickly wrapped her arms around my neck. We reached the tent and I walked around the table and pulled up and extra chair and sat her down in it. I sat in mine and pulled hers as close to me as possible. The signing went great. Every fan that came wanted Rae's signature too! Thank goodness were off for a week before we start back up. Staying here would pretty sweet. I wanna catch up with Rae. I tried to keep contact but I lost her number.

I'm glad she came tonight. I looked over at her. She was staring up at the sky. ''Wanna head to the bus so we can find a hotel to stay at?'' Alan spoke to everyone. ''Sure!'' Tino replied to him. ''Hey, why don't you guys just crash with me? Shay went on tour so I'm home alone anyway.'' She mentioned to us. ''Sound awesome!'' Alan yelled before tackling her in a gigantic hug. I honestly got kinda jealous when his arms wrapped around her. ''Okay Alan, get off your hurting me.'' I heard her say from underneath him. Alan backed away from her.

''Alright then its settled.'' She said to the guys with a huge smile on her face. I wrapped my arm around her shoulder as we started walking towards the bus to get our stuff since it would be easier to walk. About 30 minutes later we arrived at her house. Its small but big enough for her and Shay. We got up to the door and she pulled her keys out of her bag and unlocked the door. ''Okay guys you can order pizza or whatever, the couch is a pull out, there's shays room, the guest room, and someone can bunk with me, I'll be down later, I need a shower.'' She said not even facing us. Alan looked at me as if knowing i'd want to bunk with her. He gave me a knowing nod and wink. 'Great..' I thought to myself. We decided to order Panda Express because well it was literally right down the street and I know Rae loves it. Alan went to go get it. Tino, Phil, and Aaron were all fighting about who's sleeping with who, and not sexually. I walked up stairs to put my things in her room. The bathroom was wide open so she must have been in her room.

-knock knock- ''Yeah?'' I heard her say from the other side. ''Can I come in?'' I asked slowly. ''Uh, yeah give me a second!'' She yelled out to me. I heard some banging around and some cussing from her. ''Come in!'' she yelled as I opened the door. I took one look at her and was speechless. She was Gorgeous. Her long silver hair falling over her shoulders reaching right past her belly button. She was wearing a pair of black short shorts and a grey tank. She was slightly shaking due to the fact she had just showered. I gave her a smile and pulled off my Anthem Made hoodie Kellin gave me awhile ago and handed it to her. She gladly accepted.

She whispered something under her breath but I didn't catch it. She walked over to her bed and jumped on it and patted the spot next to her. ''Austin! Rae! foods here!'' Alan yelled from down stairs. ''What me to go get it?'' I asked her with a huge smile. She returned it. Without a word I left her room and booked down stairs. Quickly getting our food and some milk just in case its spicy. I came back no more than 5 minutes later to see her curled up and asleep. I turned around and handed the milks to Tino and Phil before they poured their own. I placed our food in the fridge. There was a note on the door. 'Make sure to take your meds in the morning and before bed kay sis? love ya.. Shay' with an arrow pointed to the counter. I seen some pill bottles on the counter. I picked them up and read over them. She had to take two little red pills, 3 blue and green capsules, and 4 yellow pills that looked exactly like the ones I take for my heart. I grabbed a bottle of water and headed back to her room.

''Rae, babe, wake up you have to take your meds.'' I said trying to wake her up. She sat up slowly. ''One at a time?'' I asked and she shook her head no. I handed her the pills and the bottle of water and she took them in one swig. Nows my chance. ''Rae? Why do you take all them pills, I mean I know your schizophrenic but what are they for?'' I asked her gingerly. ''Well, Aus, the red pills are for the schizo, the capsules are for my anxiety and depression, and well the yellow pills are ..'' she paused and looked into my eyes. ''Their for my heart, I'm just like you Aus, i have a bad ticker.'' She let out a dry giggle before closing her eyes. ''Rae.'' I said and pulled her into my chest. I rearranged us to where her head was laying on my chest with my arms around her tiny frame. She was out as soon as her head hit my chest. 'I wonder what exactly is wrong with her heart?' I said before sleep takes me.


Unnff please update with SOMETHING soon :3 anything really, I like the potential for this
maybeabbey maybeabbey
OMG, update, I love this!