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You've Lied To My Face

You've Lied To My Face


I looked up at Phil and buried my face in my hands. What had I done? Phil stared at me, his mouth wide open.

'I'm sorry, Phil.' I mumbled. I got up and walked to my bunk. I was so stupid! How could I say that?

Because you were sure he felt the same.
A voice in my head answered. I sighed and jumped up. Austin was in the bunk across from mine. He stuck his head out.

'Dude, I'm sorry. I heard what you said. Don't worry about Phil. He'll get over it. He won't hold a grudge against you forever.' Austin quickly smiled at me, and Alan, who was in the same bunk as Austin, gave me a thumbs up.

'Headphones might be a good idea,' said Alan, who began shuffling around in the bunk.

'Totally,' replied Austin. I heard the opening to 500 Days of Summer begin, and I shook my head. Those two and their chick flicks. The sound was soon turned off, as I assumed they had plugged in some earphones. That left me to mostly silence and voices in my head. I could hear Phil walking around in the kitchen area of the bus. He was probably making himself some comfort food. I plugged my own earphones into my iPod and started listening to A Skylit Drive. The Past, The Love, The Memories came on. I started shaking. How could I have been so stupid? He was my best friend! I fell asleep to A Skylit Drive, Phil not once leaving my mind.
I was woken up two hours later, by Phil shaking me.

'Wake up, Tino. We've gotta go to sound check.' He said, letting go of my shoulder. I opened my eyes and he whirled around, walking off the bus, his long hair swinging behind him. I looked over at Austin's bunk and saw that he and Alan had vacated it. They had probably gone off and found an interviewer who was free. I got up and smoothed my wrinkled shirt, grabbing my pass and a spare pair of drumsticks. I clipped the pass to my belt loop and started walking in the same direction as Phil. I sighed again. He definitely wasn't going to talk to me properly anytime soon.


'So... um... Phil, I have to tell you something.' Tino blurted, grabbing my wrist. I looked up at him.

'Yeah, buddy?' I said, flicking my hair to the side. It was falling in my eyes and getting extremely annoying. Maybe it was time for a haircut.

'... So... Phil?' Tino removed his hand and buried his face in his hands. I looked at him. What did he say? He mumbled 'I'm sorry' under his breath and went to the back lounge. I heard Austin talk to him and 500 Days of Summer come from presumably Austin's bunk. Alan's voice piped up and they were all silent. I got up and went for the kitchen, grabbing a Coke and a half-eaten bag of chips. I started eating and drinking, trying to think of what he could possibly say that would make him react like that.

About an hour later, Alan and Austin emerged from the bunks.

'What did he say?' I asked, finishing my Coke. I know, it had taken a while.

'What do you mean?' Austin asked, confusion colouring his tone.

'When he was in the lounge with me. I didn't hear what he said.' I said.

'Why didn't you ask him to repeat it?' Alan asked.

'It seemed like a one-time-only thing to say,' I replied, heat rushing to my cheeks.

Alan chuckled and Austin just stared at him. 'Sorry...' He mumbled, stopping his laughter.

'Listen, Phil, you're going to have to ask Tino to repeat it. We might relay it wrong or whatever. We're off to find an interviewer. Alan wants to finish watching Zooey later tonight.' Austin smiled. Alan wrapped an arm around his waist, pulling him closer to him. I rolled my eyes. No wonder the fans thought 'Austlan Cashby' was real. Those two acted like a couple day and night, always watching chick flicks and hugging each other. They walked off the bus and I settled down on the couch, looking at the couch. We had sound check in an hour or so.


Title cred is "Repeating Apologies" by OM&M.


I sincerely thought it was great. c:
phalentino phalentino
Woah, really? I'm currently rewriting it because I think it's pretty bad...
c0l0urfultears c0l0urfultears
OH i rate this story 10000000 out of 10 jfc i loved this so much
phalentino phalentino
Why, thank you! :)
c0l0urfultears c0l0urfultears
love thi