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You've Lied To My Face

The Thought Of You


I woke Tino up and then stalked off the bus, eager to start playing. I heard him tumble out of bed and walk a few steps, then stop. A heavy sigh came and I stopped too. I turned to go back, but he was just changing. I went off the bus and hurried to the stage. I had let him sleep in a bit later than he should've, but I couldn't wake him. I heard the bus door slam shut and faint steps crunching on the gravel. He caught up to me, and spun me around. Shit was about to hit the fan.

'Phil, why won't you look at me? Even talk to me? Is it what I said earlier? I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make things awkward between us.' Tino begs, his eyes becoming moist. 'I didn't mean to ruin our friendship.'

I give Tino a hug as he starts to break down. 'Tino, I'm sorry for ignoring you. I talked to Austin a few hours ago and,'

'You talked to Austin about it?' Tino interrupted. I nodded.

'Why wouldn't I? He heard what you said, but wouldn't repeat it. I didn't hear you, Tino.' I felt Tino's head move.

'You didn't hear me? Why didn't you say so?'

'It seemed like a one-time-only sort of thing...' I mumbled, embarrassed.

'Oh no! Phil! It could be an all-time sort of thing.' Tino said, stepping out of my embrace. He took my hands and opened his mouth, when Alan came running up to us.

'Hey! Guys! The show's gonna start soon! Come on!' He grabbed our hands and pulled us to the stage, Tino saying,

'I'll tell you later.'


I ran off stage, eager to tell Phil. I quickly helped the crew pack some of our stuff away, and ran to the bus. I made us a coffee each and sat down on the lounge, tapping my foot. Phil walks onto the bus about fifteen minutes later and I've already finished my first cup of coffee and am onto the second.

'So, Tino, there was something you wanted to tell me?' Phil asks, sliding onto the seat opposite me. He grabs his coffee and swirls it around the cup in one hand, while I take the other.

'Yes, and I've been wanting to tell you for a long time that I-'

'WHAT THE FUCK, AUSTIN! How could you do that! I thought you liked me!' Alan shouted, interrupting what I was saying. Damn, how could so many things be preventing this? Maybe it wasn't meant to be. Alan and Austin slammed onto the bus.

'What? Were you actually shipping us like our fans do? That Austlan Cashby shit?' Austin yelled back, storming after Alan as he made his way to the bunks.

'When you put it that way, yeah! Face it, Austin, we act like a frigging couple so you might have had feelings for me too!'

'Alan, I have a girlfriend!'

'So? That could be an act! Just so the fans don't go bat shit crazy!' Alan leaps into the bunk and slams the curtains closed.

'Get out of your Ginger Love Palace and come and talk to me!' Austin and Alan continued their yelling fest, while I slipped my hand out of Phil's. He was too busy watching their verbal fight and I managed to slip out of the bus and get away and think.


Austin and Alan finally calmed down, Alan was still in his bunk and Austin had gone outside to go and see some fans. I was still sitting at the booth where Tino had left me. Maybe we weren't meant to be. I went to the back with Alan. I crawled into his bunk, where he was just staring at the bunk above him - which just so happened to be Austin's.

'Hey.' I said, giving him a hug. There were dry tear tracks tracing his cheeks.

He turned to look at me, and mumbled, 'Can we please get into your bunk?'

'Sure, Ashby.' I said, climbing out of his and swapping into mine. We lay there for a few moments, my arms still wrapped around him.

'I love him, Phil. I really do. I thought he at least liked me back.' Alan confessed, his voice croaky. 'I told him and Maddie seems really distant, so. Me and my stupid mind.' He untangles himself and throws his body back onto the pillow, his head in his hands.

'Hey, it's okay, Alan. Austin does love you - just not in the way you want it to be,' I lay on my side and put my hand on his shoulder, 'here - let me get you something.' I awkwardly shuffled over the top of him and grabbed a bottle of whiskey from the counter of the kitchen. Mike must have been over sometime today. I went back to the bunk and handed him the bottle. It was mostly full and he unscrewed the lid and took a long swig. He recapped it and we went through the awkward shuffle again. Alan passed me the bottle and I took a deep gulp too. We continued handing the bottle back and forth. We finished it, and Alan went to get another, tripping over on the way. Halfway through the bottle, I confessed a secret of my own.

'I think I might be gay.' I started, hiccupping. Alan looked at me and smiled.

'Great for you man!'

'I'm not really sure though...'

'Who do you like?' Alan asked, staring at me with his big eyes. I mumbled the name, and Alan quickly pressed his lips to mine. My eyes widened, but I responded quickly. We soon got into the kissing, and we started drinking more of the whiskey. Both of our shirts were on the floor outside of our bunks when I heard the bus door open and shut. Two pairs of feet walked up and one got into their bunk. Alan and I drew apart, and I proceeded to kiss his neck, running my hands down his stomach. He shivered, and I smiled against his skin. The curtain was ripped open to reveal Tino staring at us, shocked.


What the...?
I shut the curtain and ran back out of the bus. I tapped on Pierce the Veil's door, and Vic opened it.

'Hey Tino. What's up?' He asked, allowing me onto the bus.

'It's about Phil.' I said, and he nodded knowingly. I had told him and Austin everything while on my walk.

'Want to stay on our bus?' He asked, already grabbing spare blankets and pillows.

'Thanks, man.' I said, taking the linen and setting up a bed on the couch.

'Tino, we have another bunk, if you want.'

'Thanks for the offer, but I'm fine here.' I said.

'Vic! Who's here?' I heard Jaime shout.

'Tino.' He replied, walking to the back lounge. I fell asleep, Phil on my mind.


Title cred: Seven Thousand Miles For What? - OM&M

I'm re-reading this and just omg.


I sincerely thought it was great. c:
phalentino phalentino
Woah, really? I'm currently rewriting it because I think it's pretty bad...
c0l0urfultears c0l0urfultears
OH i rate this story 10000000 out of 10 jfc i loved this so much
phalentino phalentino
Why, thank you! :)
c0l0urfultears c0l0urfultears
love thi