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I Fell in Love With a Boy at the Rock Show

We Need To Talk

I finished my shift at about 2:45 and headed off to find Kellin. I walked through the crowds of people till I made it to the bus area. I went to the Sleeping With Sirens bus to see if he was there. I opened the door and sure enough he was sitting on the couch talking on the phone. I walked inside and waited for him to finish.
"Hey, I'll call you back later." He told the person on the other end before hanging up.
He put the phone into his pocket and looked at me. We looked at each other in complete silence.
"Well, you wanted to talk; talk away." I broke the silence.
"I'm sorry about yesterday." He started, "I was being irrational and overprotective.I just don't want you to get hurt again."
"I can handle myself. I'm an adult." I told him, "And I'm sorry too. I overreacted."
"I forgive you." He finished.
"I forgive you too."
He stood up and pulled me into a bear hug. I hugged back.
"So, how was your first day of work?" He asked after we had sat down.
"Great!" I answered, "How is Copeland?"
"Great. I'm going to bring her to the San Fran. show."
"I can't wait to see her again." I replied happily, "Is it okay if I go change?"
I hopped up and went to my bunk to grab some clothes. I grabbed a Blink-182 shirt, shorts, and a pair of black crochet TOMS. I went into the bathroom to change. when I came into the front lounge and Kellin was gone. There was a note on the fridge. "Went to hang out with Matty, Talk to you later.-KQ" I looked at the time. if I leave now I can catch the end of Of Mice & Men's set. I left the bus and made my way to the side stage. I hopped up the steps and watch them play from side stage. Alan caught sight of me and winked at me. Butterflies erupted in my stomach. Oh no, Was I falling for Alan Ashby?


OMG update this please! its been forever since you updated!!


OfMiceAndEmilee OfMiceAndEmilee
This is awesome!!! Man Mellon needs some anger management lol
Tayler Tayler
oh my goodness i love this story please update soon
VengeanceX VengeanceX
please update!! i love this!!!
notkathryn notkathryn