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Spies Know No Love


The sweat dripping into my eyes woke me from my daze. I couldn’t hear anything but the buzz of the overhead light and dogs barking outside. My vision started to come back and I could see that I was in some sort of warehouse that hadn’t been used since the Great Depression. I tried moving but I couldn’t due to my hands tied behind my back. I tried moving but it did not prevail. Suddenly I heard a gun cock back and footsteps coming up from behind me.
“You struggling brings me great joy Ms. Heart. I’ve waited a long time for this.” A thick Russian accent said. “I wonder if your friends have died yet trying to save you.”
“I have no friends Vaughn, and you know this.” I said confidently. He walked up to me, and the strong cigar scent came following him. His body guard was on the left of me with his gun still pointed at me. “I see you still don’t trust me to disarm your pet. How sad.” I said, and he laughed.
“We all know that you tried to kill the Prime Minster Heart. Although you did pledge your alliance to the Russian Armada, you betrayed your country. And that, we don’t take lightly.” I laughed.
“Do you really think that I would form an alliance with you, after what you did to my country? I would rather die than be your ally” I said confidently. He walked up to me and smiled.
“Then you shall receive your wish.” And pointed the gun at my head and pulled the trigger.


Well hello my humans! It's been a long time since I posted on here eh? Well here you go! The prologue to my new story! I hope you guys love it. Leave comments and subscribe so you can know when more juicy chapters come in!

Much love <3


I liked the meeting, the almost karate chop

Mrs. Carlile Mrs. Carlile

Ouhh I like this. Cant wait for more

Mrs. Carlile Mrs. Carlile