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Tough Lover

Breakfast at Tiffanys?

We had all fell asleep on the floor while the movies were still playing. I could feel Jordan moving in his sleep and a hand fall against my cheek lightly. Unlike others I wasn’t asleep, I was even tired. The television had my attention. I had let the hand on my cheek go until it started rubbing soft circles against my cheek bones. When i looked to see who it belonged to there sat Austin. Wide awake. His brown eyes beautifully glowing in the dark.
“I should go.” He said, I shrugged.
“You could stay the buses are already moving.” I whispered.
“Are they? I didn’t even notice the driver.” He chuckled. I nodded and got up.
“There’s free bunks. I’m going to go get changed.” I mumbled Austin smiled as I walked to the bathroom clothes in my hand.
*** Austin’s POV***
She didn’t notice the slight crack in the bathroom door. Smiling I climbed into a spare bunk and tried to not make it obvious i was watching her change. The line work on her back amazed me her tattoos as vibrant as the platinum blonde hair she sported. My eyes followed the ink down to the bright purple lace underwear she wore. I sighed and turned over.
Of course Ryan would’ve tripped out if she knew i was watching. She’d do more then trip out. Ryan’s amazingly good at what she does. She knew it too. From screaming to singing it was all the same to Ryan.
She came out in an oversized metallica shirt and possibly shorts and climbed into the bunk across from me.
Looking at her as I seen all the makeup off. Her stretched earlobes poking out from her blonde hair.
“Do you wanna go to starbuck tomorrow?” I asked before anything that came out registered in my mind. She looked at me. Her blue eyes looking back at me as if I asked her for a wish.
“Like a date?” She whispered, I shrugged.
Biting her lip she nodded and turned over to where her back faced me.
I grinned wide and thought about what had just happened. How I didn’t think anything through in that time. Breakfast with Ryan.
Breakfast at Tiffanys?
That’s stupid. Gosh she’s purty.



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