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Tough Lover

Philosophers Stones

Walking through the venue the feeling of my boots squeaking against the plastic cement. The brisk coldness of the AC in the arena sent shivers up my spine. Those same shivers tingled down to my fingertips and evaporated in my toe. Biting my lip as nerves kicked at the back of my neck and proceeded until I was sent into nervous twitches from my eyes to the backs of my knees.
Before walking back to the bus I walked across the street to the gas station and grabbed a few monsters and arizona teas. The only two drinks that were better than Jordan’s tea and kool aid which we had been stuck with since november first. Checking out I proceeded walking till I got to the bus.
Shouting commenced as I walked in:
“That’s my bunk!”
“But you got the back room last night!”
If this is what i dealt with all the time why was i still here? I slammed the door show my presence was announced and right away my band mates turned toward me and pointed at each other.
“Kila wont let me have the room.” Jordan whined I rolled my eyes and grabbed the clipboard right next to the door.
This clipboard told me who had the back room each night. We’d been switching being how there were only four bunk and we were a band of five.
I looked at the paper.
“This says Cas has it.” I mumbled looking at Casper who had Megyns luggage in hand.
“Oh geez. Awesome.” He mumbled flipping his curly black hair out of his eyes.
We were a band consisting of three girls and two boys. It got annoyingly out of hand at times mainly when each member were particularly playing Mario Kart.
Ricky Horror once blew out his voice box playing Mario Kart. Hah, That's nothing to a few broken TV’s from Jordan’s throwing of nintendo controllers.
Jordan looked at and grinned his evil grin and chucked his head at my convenience store bag.
“Worn you out of koolaid?” He asked his black eyes reflecting the white “Thank You.” Bag.
“Can only take so much bef-”
Cutting my sentence short a knock on the door interrupted our repacking. This was our second tour in just a month.
Answering it I seen Alan and Austin with a cooler and bags of chips.
“So wanna watch a movie?” Alan smiled,
“Hell Yea! I’ll get the Harry potter collection!” Casper shouted I shrugged and opened the door wider as they climbed into the bus. Austin looked just as tired as I, His hand disheveled his expression emotionless. Alan plopped onto one of two couches as Casper put in the first harry potter movie.
Everyone either sat on the floor or on the couches. Silently as they cracked open beers and sodas.
I looked at Austin. Forever I have had a crush on him. No one knew. It was my own little secret. My adorable little secret.


Band list will be updated in the character section.


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