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Sorry, Do I Know You?


Trinity Celine Hamilton used to be Oliver Syke’s fiancée. They were 2 months away from getting married until Oli got in an accident; he was in coma for months, until he woke up. Trinity was sure they’ll keep going with their plans but there was just a little problem…the first words he said, broke what used to be Trinity’s entire being: “Sorry, do I know you?”

4 years later she’s facing Oliver’s friends and bandmates, they’re still fond of her and they know she’s still in love with the guy who forgot her, they want to help her out, they think is time for Oliver to remember who Trinity Hamilton used to be.

She prefers to let things go, she doesn’t wants to face him, she’s been hurting enough and seeing him once again will make things even worse, but Destiny had another plans for her.

“Amnesia can be a bitch, Destiny is her sister, but Karma can be bitcher” – Trinity Hamilton


Jordan Fish

Jordan Fish

30| Keyboardist and backup vocals for Bring Me The Horizon

Lee Malia

Lee Malia

30|Guitarist for Bring Me The Horizon

Matt Kean

Matt Kean

30|Bassist for Bring Me The Horizon

Matt Nicholls

Matt Nicholls

30| Drummer for Bring Me The Horizon

Oliver Sykes

Oliver Sykes

29| Lead singer for Bring Me The Horizon and married to Hannah Snowdon| Suffers of Amnesia after a fatal accident, he remembers his friends, his career, his fans but there’s someone he left behind, someone he’ll be facing soon enough

Trinity Celine Hamilton

Trinity Celine Hamilton

21| Works in a music store to pay her bills, but she’s more into photography| Tries to forget something that had been haunting her for the past 4 years, but she’s afraid she might ever let it go.


  1. Chapter One: Dreams (Part I)

    Is it possible...?


Thank you :)
Next chapter will be up soon

plzzz update soon this story is amzing

This is so good, don't stop :)

Hahah yes i seen thabks so much! <3

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