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Sharpen Your Teeth And Bite As Hard As You Want

Is This The End I Feel?

We all walked through the woods carefully. The sun was setting and everyone was pretty excited to get to the place that Jaime and Tony picked out. Laughter and chatting echoed through the woods and I smiled happily at how everything seemed perfect. "So I'm in charge of music guys, DJ Gaskgarth in da house" Alex bounced up and down. Tay rolled her eyes and walked ahead of him. She came over to me and we began to talk. "This'll be fun" She smiled. "Yeah I'm really excited for it actually" I grinned. "Although the woods always scared me" Tay said with a slight scared looked on her face. I raised an eyebrow. "How come?" I asked. "Oh just scary movies I guess" She smiled. I nodded and looked ahead. "We are here guys" Tony said from the front of the group. When we all spread out to see the site that they had picked we seen a big open space with enough space for all our tents.

"Impressive, well done guys. Let's get set up before it fully turns dark" I grinned and walked over to Jaime. I helped him with the tent and he was very grateful. Vic, Tony and Mike also pitched in and helped build our tents. Everyone else dealt with their own tents. Alex set out the sound system we had borrowed. It was wireless and uses batteries seen as the woods didn't have outlets. Jack fixed up the alcohol and food. We weren't sure if we trusted him but why not. Kellin, Austin and Jesse all went and got wood to start a fire.

"Ew, bugs everywhere" Taylor M shouted and ran over to me. I giggled and looked at her. "Taylor we are in the woods. There will be bugs and spiders" I smiled. "Ugh, maybe I shouldn't have come" She mummbled and walked back over to Jeremy, Taylor and Alan who were trying to build a tent. I turned around and began helping Vic again. "Hold this" He said and made me hold a rod. He started fumbling with stuff and I got impatient. I let out a sigh and he looked up at me and smiled. I smiled back playfully. "How long does this take" I groaned. "There... give me that" He said putting the rod into the tent and it stood upright. The whole tent was finished. There were 3 rooms in the tent, not including the hallway area. Me and Vic were sharing one. Mike and Jaime were sharing another. Jenna and Tony shared the last. The hallway area was big enough to be a room for two so Jeremy and Taylor were going to sleep there. I walked over to the bags and picked up mine and Vics sleeping bags. I stuffed them into our room and laid them out nicely. I had brought a pillow for us to sleep on also. "There... more like home" I smiled.

It was almost pitch black outside. The fire was going strong and the music was playing softly. I walked over to Kellin and sat down next to him. "Hey Kells, hows the fire going?" I asked. "Not bad, I'm the fire master" He grinned. "Yeah you wish Quinn" I said sticking my tongue out at him. He nudged me playfully and we both laughed. Tony sat down next to me. "Hey Tone" I smiled. "Hayles" He said wrapping an arm around me and hugging me. "You ready to par-tay!?" He said excitedly. "Yu-huh!" I laughed and high fived him. "Okay let's get some tequila!" He said standing up and pulling me up also. We walked over to where Jack was sitting with all the alcohol and food. "Yo Jack pass us two shot glasses and tequila" Tony asked him. Jack picked up the plastic shots and handed them to Tony. "Here you go amigo" He said handing me the tequila. "Thanks Jack" I said with a wink. We both walked closer to the fire to see what we were doing.

"TEQUILA!" We both shouted and downed the shot. We done a few more shots and then passed the tequila to Jaime and Vic. Mike was smoking some weed and it was just a horrible smell. He walked up to us and I covered my nose with my hand. "What's wrong?" He asked with an eyebrow raised. "You stink of weed" I said through my nose. "OH MY GOD HAYLEYS VOICE IS ALL FUNNY" Jaime laughed excitedly. "Vic your girlfriend sounds funny" Jaime said in Vics face. Vic just smiled and shook his head. "Jaime you sound funny" I said childishly. "Nu uh" He whined. "Yu huh" I whined back. Austin walked over and rolled his eyes at us. "Hayley can I talk to you?" He asked. "Yeah" I said walking away with him. We walked to the side and stood next to a tree.

"How you been?" He asked with a smile. I looked up at him and nodded. "I'm good actually" I smiled widely and he grinned. "Good, things okay with him then?" He asked nodding towards Vic. I turned around and seen Vic and Tony both air guitaring to 'I'm not okay' by My Chemical Romance. I smiled and turned back. "Yeah, we're really good actually" He nodded and looked at his feet. "Yeah, I'm glad. You guys are so good together and Vic has always been like a brother to me. So I'm happy to see him with someone as beautiful and amazing as you" Austin smiled his famous smile. I wrapped my arms around him and hugged him. "Thanks" I smiled into his chest. "Come on, let's get drunk" He said pulling me back into the camp area.

We walked back over and I went over to Jenna. "What's up homeslice" She grinned as we hugged. "Not much my Australian beauty" I winked at her. "Oh my god, Hayley and Jenna are gonna get it on" Jack screamed from behind us. Everyone turned to us and looked. I realised we were still hugging and that's why Jack was getting this idea. "I don't mind, do you mind" Vic grinned at Tony. Tony shook his head no and I just glared at them. "There will be no getting it on lads" I laughed and quickly pecked Jenna on the lips. There were cheers and 'oohs' coming from the guys and Jenna just laughed. "You guys are dorks" I rolled my eyes and turned back to Jenna. "Anyways, just wanted to ask how things were going with Tony?" I asked Jenna turning the conversation back to just us. "Good, I really like him Hayley" She smiled sincerely. I nodded. "Yeah, I can see it. The way you guys look at each other" I grinned and looked at Tony. "Yeah. I think I'm falling in love Hayley" She smiled. "Congrats. Well done" I said giving her a playful nudge. "What about you... do you think you love Vic?" She asked. I closed my eyes. "I don't know" I sighed. "Do you believe in love at first sight?" She asked. I opened my eyes and looked at her. "Maybe... but not for me" I nodded. She dropped it and let it go. We walked back over to where Vic and Tony were standing.

Vic wrapped his arm around my waist and kissed my cheek. I looked up at him and he looked down into my eyes. Could I love him? I don't know, 3 weeks is a short time to fall in love. His brown eyes were filled with an emotion that I couldn't quite explain to myself. 'What do you feel for me?' I said over and over again to myself. "What's wrong babe?" He asked snapping me out of my thoughts. "Nothing, just thinking of you" I smiled. He grinned even more and kissed me lightly. We decided to get some drinks.

2 hours later and I was so drunk I could barely walk straight. I was dancing with Taylor to 30 seconds to mars - up in the air. We were really into it when he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder and spun me around. "I WILL WRAP MY HANDS AROUND YOUR NECK SO TIGHT WITH LOVE" We both sung out happily. I grinned as he spun me around and giggled at the sight. Everything flew past me so quickly. He put me down and I held onto him tightly. "I love you Taylor man" I kissed his cheek and he continued to sing along to the song. Kellin, Vic, Gabe and Justin were all watching us laughing away. Alex and Tay were making out next to the music area. Jenna and Tony were both lying on the ground cuddling. Jack and Jesse were sitting around the fire with Jaime, Mike and Taylor M. Rian, Jack and Zack were laughing and rolling around the ground drunkenly next to all the alcohol. I had no idea where the om&m boys had gotten to. And Jeremy for that matter. Maybe they went on an adventure.

I stumbled over to Vic and he caught me. "Hey" He said with a goofy grin. I leaned up and began kissing his neck. "Oh" He whispered, getting my hint. I pulled him over to the tent and we went into our room. I pushed him down onto the makeshift bed and climbed onto of him. He pulled me close to him and kissed my lips hungrily. I grinned into the kiss and ran my hands up his chest and through his hair. He glided his hands over my hips and rested them there. I began to kiss his neck and bite him. He moaned blissfully and I grinned knowing the effect I was having on him. His lips found mine again and his hands slid under my dress and up to my stomach and back. Sparks of electricity flew through my body wherever he touched. A moaned escaped my lips and that urged him on. He pushed me off him and climbed ontop of me, grabbin my thighs and wrapping them around him. I giggled at his eagerness and he bit me in return. I gasped at the pleasure it brought me and he done it more. All over my neck. He slid down my body and kissed my thighs and went under my dress going further up my thighs. I gasped as his lips grazed my skin delicately. *BANG*

My eyes flew open and Vic shot up straight. "What was that?" I asked with wide eyes. He looked at me with panic. "Stay here" He warned. I was about to protest but he had already left the tent. I heard talking and then there was another shot. It was defiantly a gun shot. I heard screams and I panicked. I fumbled with the zip and stumbled out of the tent, forgetting how drunk I really was. When I got out of the tent I seen everyone all huddled around trying to make sure they were all okay. "Alex turn the fucking music off" Mike shouted at Alex. Alex fumbled with the music player but it went off.

"Shhhh" Jeremy said to everyone. I walked over to Vic and grabbed his hand. "I told you to stay there" He whispered. "Shut up Vic" Kellin whispered harshly. We all went silent trying to hear what was happening. Nothing, we couldn't hear anything. A gun shot fired out again. I jumped back and hugged into Vic who just tried to hold me tight. Everyone was freaking out. More shots went out, each one getting closer until one hit the tent next to us. So we ran. We all just ran. In every direction except where the shots were coming from. In the mass of us all running I got seperated from Vic.

I just ran. I was with Jack Barakat, Alex, Kellin and Justin. We all ran and Jack grabbed my hand to keep me running at the same pace. I had tears running down my face. My breathing was hitched and I couldn't feel my legs from running through branches and jaggy bushes. I got my leg caught in a log and stumbled forward. Jack caught me before I hit the ground and pulled me up. "Get on my back" He whispered. I done as he said and he began running. As we got further away from our site more shots went out. Until we heard a blood curdling scream. A scream that was in pain. We all stopped and I held onto Jack so tight. "We have to go back" Justin whispered. "What if it's a trap?" Kellin whispered loudly. "What if one of our fucking friends has been shot?" Justin said back. Kellin went quiet and we turned to go back. We walked slowly until we were near the site. We hid behind trees. Jack had placed me firmly on the ground but held onto my hand very tightly. I was grateful that the goofball was helpful in situations like this. We watched as a few guys trashed up our site.

A body lay unconcious and I couldn't see who it was. One guy downed a bottle of alcohol and walked over to the body. He lifted his leg and began to drag the body in the direction they had come from. The other two guys followed the first guy. As the body was dragged away their head leaned our way and my heart exploded. My eyes widened and the guys seen what I seen. Alex and Kellin both held me back and covered my mouth. The three guys stopped and looked our way. The guys hid and pulled me back. Tears streamed down my face and I feared the worst. Once the guys were far enough away Alex took his hand off my mouth. I let out a choked cry and fell on the floor sobbing. "He will be fine okay" Kellin said kneeling next to me and holding me. I cried onto his shoulder. The image of Vic being dragged away looking lifeless was haunting me. "We... n-need to sa-ave him" I cried out to Kellin. "I know" Kelling whispered. "I-I-I l-love h-him" I sobbed out, not realising what I said. Jack bent down and picked me up. They walked back over to the site and slowly. One by one. Everyone returned... except Vic.


So what do you all think?


Ogsquidgy Ogsquidgy

Sequel and the follow up is on my page :)
lol just letting you know kellins eyes are blue not green.....