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Sharpen Your Teeth And Bite As Hard As You Want


Paramore have been asked to headline this years Warped tour. Hayley has just broken up with Chad and looking to cheer up on Warped by making new friends and meeting fans. What crazy schenanegans will the band get up to when they befriend four guys in Pierce the Veil...


Hayley Williams

Hayley Williams

Hayley is the lead singer of the band Paramore and the main character in the story.

Jaime Preciado

Jaime Preciado

Jaime is the bassist of the band Pierce the Veil.

Jeremy Davis

Jeremy Davis

Jeremy is the bassist of Paramore.

Mike Fuentes

Mike Fuentes

Mike is the drummer of the band Pierce the Veil.

Taylor York

Taylor York

Taylor is the lead guitarist of Paramore.

Tony Perry

Tony Perry

Tony is the lead guitarist of the band Pierce the Veil.

Vic Fuentes

Vic Fuentes

Vic is the lead singer, rythem guitarist of the band Pierce the Veil.


  1. Plan An Escape Route

    Hayley ponders Warped Tour life.

  2. Amigo For a Day

    Hayley goes to her first ever Pierce the Veil show and something goes wrong.

  3. Maybe We're Just Having Too Much Fun?

    Paramore play their first show on Warped.

  4. I Drank The Poison The Passed The Fuck Out

    A bus party with Of Mice & Men

  5. You Tried To Kiss Me Through The Window

    Vic and Hayley run into someone unexpected

  6. Let Em Soak In The Sun

    a day at Raging Waters.

  7. Good Girl Gone Bad

    A night out in California leads to something Hayley never bargained for

  8. You're About To Miss Everything

    Rumours are spread and there's an emergency

  9. The First Punch

    Jeremy is hurt and Paramore need someone to play bass for them...

  10. She Could Make Hell Feel Just Like Home

    Vic reveals a big secret to Hayley

  11. Your Southern Constellations Got Me So Dizzy

    Vic and Hayleys friendship goes through a drastic change

  12. Once a Whore You're Nothing More

    Hayley tries to convince Vic against something

  13. The Taste Of You And Me Will Never Leave My Lips

    A fun day at Six Flags ends horribly

  14. While I Get Drunk

    Hayley tells Austin all about her and Vic

  15. It's Who We Wanna Be

    Vic and Hayley have a serious talk

  16. This Is A Wasteland, My Only Retreat

    Hayley finds herself in a tricky situation

  17. You'll Never Be As Beautiful Without Me

    Hayley and Mike have a heart to heart

  18. You're Just A Lonely Star

    Vic and Hayley makeup

  19. I Ran Through Glass In The Street

    Hayley and Vic meet a fan who tells them a story

  20. Is This The End I Feel?

    The camping trip takes a turn for the worse

  21. A Million Ways To Die

    Will the gang escape?

  22. Should I Trust My Heart Or My Head?

    Hayley talks to Kellin

  23. No One Does It Better

    Paramore decide who they want supporting them on their world tour

  24. I Thought I'd Never See The Day That You'd Smile At Me

    Hayley meets a little angel

  25. We're Speaking In Our Native Tongue

    Hayley goes for a late night walk to clear her head

  26. Take A Breath, Don't It Sound So Easy

    Hayley babysits Copeland and then runs into an old friend

  27. I Swore To Myself, I Wouldn't Lie To Myself

    Hayleys sister joins her on Warped

  28. Your Voice, It Brought Me Back From The Dead Somehow

    Hayley takes Vic to meet her mom

  29. Let It Land

    The morning after

  30. I Better Learn To Live Alone

    The final chapter


Ogsquidgy Ogsquidgy

Sequel and the follow up is on my page :)
lol just letting you know kellins eyes are blue not green.....