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Selfish Machines

Chapter nine:

"I think I'm in love with you" Mike confessed

Why does he always have to ruin a perfectly good moment? Maybe I didn't hear him right? Yeah that's probably it. I am pretty drunk, he could have said anything. I know he didn't say what I think he said because one thing I do know is Michael Christopher Fuentesdoes not love. It's not in his nature, knowing him we'll fuck and he'll never call me again.

I'm drunk and let's just say I really want Mike right now.

"Oh Mike" I moaned as he sucked on my sweet spot right below my ear. The more he sucked, nibbled, and kissed me the more I wanted him.

"You like that?" Mike whispered in my ear I could barely choke out any words I just nodded. He grabbed my hands and put them above my head. He brought his lips down to mine and kissed me roughly, it wasn't like a bad rough it was more of a lustful rough, and I liked it. He glided his tongue across my bottom lip begging for entrance.

How could I say no? It was Mike! We might not have always got along but there was always a huge tension between us. I've always had a secret crush on him no matter how much of a bitch I was to him. His tongue fought mine for dominance, he clearly won. But I wanted more, much more.

"Let's go upstairs" I said breaking the kiss

Mike didn't respond he just dropped my hands and grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me into the house and up the stairs. I had no idea who's party this was or who's house this was.

"Who's place is this anyway?" I asked as we walked into someone's bedroom.

"A friend of mine, I'm sure he won't mind" Mike said closing the door behind him. Mike grabbed me and pulled me towards him. "Jump" he demanded and I did as he told me to. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he grasped onto one of my thighs and his other hand on my ass.

He carried me over to the bed kissing me. He turned around so he was was sitting on the bed and I was straddling him. He ripped off my jacket and lifted up my shirt over my head. I pulled his shirt off and reached down for his pants. I quickly unbuttoned his pants and he pulled them off of himself.

I could feel the hardness pressing beneath me onto my jeans, that were soon ripped off. We were sitting there half naked making out. How could this go wrong? I hope I didn't just jinx this



Updated :) and much more to come

I really like this you should keep going. Hope you update soon