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Selfish Machines

Chapter seven:

"Mike it's not what it looks like!" I said

"Really it's not what it looks like? Because it looks like you just kissed my brother!" Mike yelled

"Dude calm down!" Vic yelled

"You know what I'm done god you're such a whore!" Mike yelled then ran upstairs after a minute he walked down stairs and stormed out slamming the door behind him.

I burst into tears, I really fucked up this time. I leaned against the wall sliding down and sitting on the floor I couldn't hold the tears back they kept sliding down my face. Vic sat next to me, I could barley even look at him I just put my head in my hands and let it all out.

"It's okay sh sh" Vic hushed me.

"Why do you even care about me... I kissed your brother and you I'm the same day... God I'm such a fuck up!"

"It's okay it was just one kiss" Vic sighed

I shot my head up, but it wasn't just one kiss.

"It was just one kiss right?" Vic stood up he looked really angry

"Well-" I was about to continue but Vic cut me off

"You fucked him didn't you?!" Vic yelled

"No it's not like that!" I said crying

"I bet it is! Mikes right you are a whore!" Vic ran towards the door

"Where are you going?!" I called after him he opened the door he stopped and turned to face me

"Any where but here!" He screamed then slammed the door shut, He left in a huff

"I'm sorry" I quietly mumbled to myself

What am I going to do? They both hate me! I haven't even been here for a day and I've already fucked everything up!

Just 1 week and 6 days then I can go home



Updated :) and much more to come

I really like this you should keep going. Hope you update soon