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Selfish Machines

Chapter fourty:

I wake up, oh god I’m gonna puke. I run to the bathroom and spend the next five minutes hurled over the toilet. How much did I even drink last night? How did I get here? So many questions.

I stand up and walk over to the mirror. I look like shit. Mascara from friday is spread across my face. I have what looks like puke in my hair. I rinse my mouth out with water and decide to have a shower.

I take my clothes off and let the water pour over me. My stomach aches.

A few things pop into my mind about the night before. I remember Tony dropping me. I think Vic brought me to bed.

I need to apologize to him.

After I wash my hair I dry off and go to my bedroom to get dressed.

I slip on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt.

I should try to go find Vic.

I walk into his bedroom but he isn’t there.

He’s probably downstairs.

I walk down the stairs to see him sitting on the couch.

“Vic I am so sorry.” I apologize. “I should have been there for you, I feel like such a shitty friend.”

“You think?” Vic asks rhetorically.

“I should have chose you, I don’t know why I thought Mike would be different.” I sit on the couch.

“You can’t go back now Spencer. It’s too late. You fucked up.” Vic continues. “You can’t just crawl to me because things didn’t work out with Mike.”

“He hurt me Vic, he really hurt me.” I say thinking about seeing the clothes spread out and listening to Alyssa and Mike.

“I’m not your back up plan.” Vic shakes his head. He gets up and walks away.

“Vic I’m sorry!” I call out but he keeps walking.

I put my head in my hands. When did things go so wrong?

I start crying. I feel someone walk into the room. They sit beside me.

“Where did I go wrong.” I look up expecting Vic but it’s Mike. “What are you doing here?”

“I live here.” Mike says.

“Shouldn’t you be with your girlfriend?” I glare.

“I am.” He says putting his arm around me.

“Don’t fucking touch me Mike.” I say moving away. “I’m not your fucking girlfriend.”

“Is this about our fight?” Mike asks.

“You know what this is about!” I raise my voice.

“Obviously I fucking don’t!” Mike says.

“It’s about Alyssa!” I stand up and walk away.

“Why are you so mad about that? She showed up I had no control over it.” Mike says following me.

“I know she came here yesterday.” I turn around.

“Okay?” Mike throws his hands up.

“That’s it? Okay? That’s all you have to say?” I keep walking. “You are un fucking believable Mike!”

“Nothing happened Spencer!” Mike yells. “She came over I told her I’m with you and she‘s not welcome in my life.”

“I heard the fucking noises Mike! I’m not a fucking idiot!” I yell, but he grabs my arm. “I said don’t fucking touch me!”

“Spencer, what are you talking about?” Mike says calmly.

“I seen her fucking clothes in the hallway, I heard the fucking noises from down the hallway. Don’t tell me you just ‘talked’ how stupid do you think I am!” I yank my arm back and open the front door.

On the other side is the guy from the diner.

“Oh, Hi. Can I help you?” I say trying to turn my anger down.

“Yeah, my names Kellin I was here yesterday and I forgot my belt.” The guy says. “I just wanted to go and grab it from Vic.”

“Umm sure, he’s upstairs in his room, toward the end of the hall on the-”

“I know where it is.” He says walking inside and heading upstairs.

Me and Mike look at each other with a puzzled look. Once it clicks we both start laughing.

“Did you honestly think I would do that to you?” Mike says in between laughs.

“Did you have any idea?” I ask hysterically laughing, almost crying.

“So it was his clothes you found! You heard him and Vic.” Mike says.

“Can we agree to never talk about this again?” I ask.

“Of course!” Mike says pulling me in for a hug, still slightly chuckling. “Let’s get out of here.”

I wish I could say that after this moment we lived happily every after but we didn’t. Four years later we ended our relationship. We realized we wanted different things. I move across country, and he stayed in California.



Updated :) and much more to come

I really like this you should keep going. Hope you update soon