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Selfish Machines

Chapter thirty-three:

I light the joint Mike gave me and lean back blowing out the smoke. Mike does the same.

“I love hot tubbing in the dark.” I say taking another couple puffs. “The quiet and serenity make it so much more relaxing.”

“It’s nice that’s forsure.” Mike says taking a puff.

“Pass me the whiskey.” I say, he hands me the bottle. I take a shot. It burns the back of my throat. I give him the bottle back and he places it on the stand.

I finish my joint as he does his.

Mike eyes me.

I move my foot so it touches his.

“So were finally alone.” I move a little closer to him so I’m sitting in the middle section. I put my free hand on his chest and slowly trace my fingers along his tattoos.

He reaches over grabs the bottle of whiskey and takes a few shots. After he sets the bottle back down he kisses me. Hard. He grabs the back of my neck. I get on top of him trying to not break our lips apart for even a second. Things are getting intense. He puts his hands on my lower back and pulls me in closer.

“Are you naked?” He asks pulling his face away from mine.

“Yeah.” I blush. “You should be too.” I lean in but he backs his head away slightly.

“Not right now.” Mike says.

“Why? Do you not like me anymore?” I pout moving back to my seat.

“Of course I do!” Mike says moving a little closer. “You make it so hard to contain myself when you’re around. You’re sitting there completely naked. I’m really trying here.”

“Why are you trying to contain yourself? I don’t understand.” I ask confused by what he means.

“Because I have something special planned.” Mike confesses.

“What do you mean something special planned?” I ask.

“What time is it?” He retorts.

“Eleven-fifty-two.” I say looking at my phone and tossing it.

“Oh fuck it.” Mike says practically jumping on top of me. Kissing me up and down. I can feel the hunger and desire between us.

It’s been a week since we last slept together and I hardly even remember anything from that night and I don’t think he does either. Plus the built up sexual tension from the last four years.
Basically since we’ve know what sex was.

Our bodies grinding against one another’s.

I want more.

I need more.

“Fuck me Mike. I can’t take it anymore. I feel like I’m about to explode.” I beg, the heat growing between my thighs.

“Come with me.” He stands up and exit’s the hot tub. He grabs a towel wraps it around himself and holds one out for me.

I stand up exposing myself and walk towards the towel. A gust of wind coats over. I shiver as he wraps the towel around me. He grabs my hand and leads me inside. We walk up the stairs together, me trailing behind him.

With every step, I grow more and more impatient.

He still hasn’t let go of my hand.

He takes me to the end of the hallway, right outside of his bedroom door.

“Wait here for a second.” Mike says kissing me softly before opening the door slightly and sneaking in.

I hear slight rustling around and movement.

I stand there and start to dry off. No point in dripping all over the floor. After a few minutes, I knock on the door.

Mike quickly opens it.

“One more minute.” Mike says before shutting it again.

“Mike if you’re cleaning your room I already know it’s messy!” I shout through the door.

After another couple minutes of scrambling around and banging, Mike comes out.

“Okay are you ready?” Mike says smiling ear to ear.

“Yes!” I say. “What is it?”

Mike slides behind me and covers my eyes with his hands. Leading me into the bedroom I hear him open the door.

We stop a few feet in front of the door. He kicks the door shut with his foot.

“Okay are you ready?” Mike says. I can hear the smile in his voice.

“Mike I’m dying just move your hands.” I say. I can’t help but smile.

Mike uncovers my eyes.

“Oh Mike you didn’t!” I say almost in tears. I turn around and hug him.

“Happy Birthday, I love you.” He says hugging me.



Updated :) and much more to come

I really like this you should keep going. Hope you update soon