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Selfish Machines

Chapter thirty:

I wake up at seven, after the fight with Mike last night we went our separate ways. I went to my room he went to his. How could he say that to Vic? He’s sensitive and out of all people, Mike should know that. Vic’s probably incredibly hurt right now. This is exactly what I didn’t want to happen. He’s dealing with enough stuff already the last thing he needs is Mike rubbing it in his face. I just lost my best friend.

7:03 am

To: Jaime

I need a ride to school today could you pick me up?

I don’t exactly want to talk to Mike right now. While I wait for a response I grab my towel and head to the bathroom. I turn on the shower and start to get undressed. I check my phone to see if Jaime texted back but there are no notifications.

I step into the shower and stand underneath the water, letting it drip down my face.

I start to cry.

I hear yelling coming from downstairs.

What the hell?

I hear a loud bang, and decide to get out of the shower.

I quickly dry off for the most part but the yelling continues. I wrap the towel around myself and run downstairs.

There is blood everywhere.

I see Ronnie on the floor by living room bleeding out. He’s covered in fresh bruises and his face is incredibly swollen. The giant vase that was beside the door was knocked over and shattered everywhere.

“Mike!” I call out, I don’t see him anywhere. I run over to Ronnie, all the bleeding is coming from his stomach.

“Mike where the fuck are you!” I scream, he comes running in with a first aid kit and towels. “A first aid kit really??”

“We have to stop the bleeding.” Mike panics.

“Were not fucking doctors! Call 911.” I grab a towel from his hand, hold it over the wound and put pressure on it.

Ronnie looks like he’s coming in and out of consciousness.

“Ronnie I need you to stay awake.” I say tapping his face and then putting both hands back on the towel pushing down.

“We can’t call the cops Spencer!” Mike says pulling out a tray with a pair of tweezers.

“Why can’t we?” I ask. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“He has a bullet in his stomach, that means that they have to inform the police. They’ll find the drugs, the last thing we can do is call the police right now, he’ll go to jail. That was the one thing he told me not to do.” Mike says grabbing a needle and thread. “He said he’d rather die.”

“We aren’t doctors we can’t do this!” I say.

“We have to do something.” Mike replies. He runs to the kitchen grabs a bottle of 80 proof from the cupboard and pours it over his ‘equipment’.

“He’s gonna die and we're going to go to prison.” I cry.

“He isn’t going to die, when I first met Ronnie he told me what to do if a situation like this ever happens.” Mike lifts up the towel that is now soaked in blood.

“You don’t think that’s a huge red flag telling you not to hang out with this person??” I’m in full on panic mode.

“Spencer you need to calm down everything is going to be okay. Now remove the towel. So I can take out the bullet.”

“What if the bullet is plugging an artery and if you take the bullet out he bleeds out?” I ask not quite calm.

“There’s no major arteries or veins in this area.” Mike says. I move the towel which has stopped a lot of the bleeding.

“I need you to hold him down so I can take the bullet out, I don’t care if you have to sit on his just hold him down.” Mike says grabbing the tweezers. I move to the other side of him and push him down with all my strength. “I’m sorry buddy.” Mike apologizes before sticking the tweezers into the bullet hole in Ronnie’s side.

Ronnie snaps out of it and yells as Mike is pulling the bullet out. I hold him down as best as I can. The bullet is out and there’s blood gushing out. I grab the towel and push it down to try to control the bleeding. Mike drops the bullet onto the tray and grabs the needle that he pre-threaded. I move the towel as mike starts sewing.

“It’s just a flesh wound.” Mike says wiping away the blood as he goes.

“Then why is there so much blood?” I ask looking around the house, myself and Mike.

“Because he’s high on opiates which thin blood.” Mike shakes his head.

“High on opiates? Like heroin??” I ask.

“Yes.” Mike finishes sewing the wound “Scissors.”

I give him the scissors, he cuts the string and starts to pack the first aid kit.

I go to the kitchen grab the bottle of bleach from underneath the sink and start cleaning the blood off the floor, and the walls. I scrub every piece I see. After Mike puts away the first aid kit and starts wiping a majority off Ronnie who is somewhat awake now.

“Ronnie you need to get some sleep. Try to stand up.” Mike puts Ronnie’s arm around his neck and tries to carry him over to the couch. I run over and grab Ronnie’s other arm to help carry him. We make it over to the couch and set Ronnie down, who goes to sleep immediately.

Me and Mike finish cleaning the hallways and the front entrance. He goes to bring the pieces from the broken vase outside to the garbage. I go upstairs back to the bathroom, drop my blood-soaked towel and turn on the shower. I stand in front of the mirror covered in blood still.

What the fuck just happened.

Mike walks in. Takes off his clothes as well. He grabs my hand and leads me into the shower.

The water trickles over both of us turning the floor of the shower a bright red.

We don’t say anything, we just stand there letting the blood rinse down the drain.

Once all the blood is gone and the water runs clear I look up at Mike and hug him.

“I love you.” I whisper into his chest.

“I love you too.” Mike whispers back.



Updated :) and much more to come

I really like this you should keep going. Hope you update soon