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Selfish Machines

Chapter twenty-eight

We woke up surprisingly early today. It’s the last day of our in school suspension. I had a shower and now I’m making breakfast while Mike sits on the counter. I hear a knock on the door as I’m stirring around the scrambled eggs and peppers in the pan.

“I’ll get it.” Mike says hopping off the counter and exiting the kitchen. I hear Mike open the door, and muffled voices. I can’t quite hear who it is. I go to walk over to the door, but before I can the toast pops out of the toaster. I quickly butter it. I walk over just as Mike is closing the door.

“Breakfast is ready.” I smile.

“Okay.” Mike smiles back walking over to me wrapping his arm around me guiding me back to the kitchen.

I give the eggs one last stir before putting them on a plate for me and him with some toast.

We quickly eat breakfast before heading to school. I completely forgot about whoever was knocking at the door.

School was fairly boring, the only thing I had to do was write an “apology” letter for Ms. Johnson.

I ended having to rewrite it six times. Every time I went to write the letter it always started with

“Dear Ms. Johnson,

I’m sorry you’re such a bitch who likes to bully students.

Sincerely Spencer Jones.”

At lunch, I go to the cafeteria but no one is there. Well, there’s about hundreds of students in the cafeteria but none that I like. I try to call Jaime but no response. Instead of sitting by myself I decided to go out for a smoke behind the school.

After lunch, I somehow manage to actually write a proper apology. I laugh reading it. Every word in the letter is a lie.

I watch the clock go by. With every stroke I get closer and closer to freedom.

At three O’ Clock the bell rings and I practically ran out of the classroom.

I stop at my locker before meeting Mike at his car.

“Took ya long enough.” Mike says when I sit in the passenger seat.

“I had to stop at my locker and drop off my stuff.” I defend.

“Excuses, excuses.” Mike says sarcastically shaking his head.

“I wanna do something today.” I say. “Let’s go to the arcade!”

“That’s like a twenty-minute drive, plus it’s not exactly in the best area.” Mike replies.

“You aren’t scared are you?” I ask “Plus we get crack heads in this area all the time.”

“No of course not, and this isn’t just crack heads this is gangs and guns.” Mike says. “But hey if you wanna go we can go.”

“I’ve been there before Mike.” I roll my eyes.

We drive down to the arcade, how have I never noticed that this is a sketchy neighbourhood before? I’ve seen a dozen drug deals just on the drive there. We finally reach the arcade.

“Lock your door.” Mike says walking over to my side opening the door.

We walk inside together holding hands.

“What do you wanna play first?” Mike asks putting his change into the token machine.

“Skee ball?” I point to the machines across the room.

“Race you there.” Mike says running. I run behind him but he makes it there before I do.

“Beatcha.” Mike says huffing and puffing.

“Yeah but you’re out of breath.” I laugh. “I bet you I can beat you at skee ball.”

“Ooo a bet, I like bets.” Mike smirks “What’s the wager?”

“Hmm.” I think. “If you win I’ll …” I whisper in the ear a little dirty something. His eyes widen.

“Okay I’ll take that.” He smiles.

“What do I get if I win?” I ask.

“What’s something you’ve always wanted to do?” He asks me.

“Drive your car.” I say narrowing my eyes giving the biggest smile ever.

“My car?? No one drives my car!” Mike says. I give him the puppy dog eyes . “Fine” He sighs. “It’s not like you’re gonna win anyways.”

“You’re on Fuentes!” I say competitively.

After a quite few rounds of skee ball I walk out of the arcade holding Mikes car keys and a teddy bear I won. Mike has a little flexible pencil and a frown. He gets into the passenger side of his car.

“I have never been in this seat before.” Mike says staring at me as I start the car. “Be careful this car is my baby.”

“Mike I’ve driven before.” I say rolling my eyes.

I back out of the parking spot and head to the main street.

As I’m driving down the road I spot someone with black and blonde hair, wearing a leather jacket in the distance.

“Hey that guy over kind of looks like Ronnie” I point.

“Oh haha yeah it does a little.” Mike laughs. The closer we get the more you can see that person.

“Hey that is Ronnie!” I say seeing his face. “What’s he doing down here?”

I can’t quite see what he’s doing from where I’m sitting “Who’s he talking to?” I ask but as we drive past him you get a clear view of what he’s doing.

“Are you fucking kidding me?!” Mike yells once he sees Ronnie giving the guy he’s with a couple bills, and in turn the guy puts a little packet of tinfoil in Ronnie’s hand.



Updated :) and much more to come

I really like this you should keep going. Hope you update soon