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Selfish Machines

Chapter twenty-three:

We start kissing next thing I know I’m on top of him and things are getting pretty heated.

Mikes phone rings. we break from our make out and he answers it.

“Hey, what’s up? ….. Just chilling with my girl… Haha yeah…. No I got lot’s don’t worry about it …. Yeah buddy no problem… See you in a bit…. Okay peace” Mike ends the phone call. Did he just call me his girl? I blush at the thought.

“I hope it’s no problem but my buddy Ronnie wants to come over, his dad kicked him out again cause he found out about the party we went to on Friday.” Mike says giving me an adorable look.

“What do you mean again?” I ask giving a slightly puzzled look.

“Oh yeah his dad kicks him out all the time, they are constantly fighting, his dads an alcoholic so it can get pretty bad sometimes. Every now and then he asks to crash here just till the storm blows over.” Mike says.

“Well that’s pretty sad, of course I have no issue with it. I met him briefly the morning after the party, he seems nice.” I said giving Mike a smile.

“He was only nice because you’re hot, he can be a real prick at times.” Mike said with a chuckle.

“Well I should probably get off you so he doesn’t walk in and get any ideas.” I said as I went to go and move my body but he grabs my hips and holds me down.

“Oh no we still have a few minutes before he gets here and I’m not done.” He says and then he goes back to kissing me. He stands up with me still wrapped around his waist, and lays me down so I’m on my back and he’s on top of me. Carefully enough not to break the kiss. Our tongues back to fighting each other and he starts grinding his body into mine. This feeling is back, it’s just so hard to control. I want him so badly. I reach for his pants to try to undo them but as I start to unbutton it we hear a knock on the door.


Mike hops up puts his hat back on and rebuttons his pants, as he walks to the door I shout

“This isn’t over yet! We will finish this!” Mike just laughs and opens the door.

Mike and Ronnie walk over to the living. I look at Ronnie, he has a few bruises on his face, he has a black eye, his lip is busted and bleeding. I think he noticed me staring.

“If you think I look bad you see the other guy.” He says giving a bit of an awkward laugh.

“Sorry didn’t mean to stare, do you need a tissue for your lip?” I ask, he just shakes his head and slides his thumb against the cut on his lip, takes a quick look at the blood and wipes it on his pants.

“What I need is a fucking smoke, I forgot mine.” Ronnie says walking towards the back door as if he’s done this a thousand times.

I follow him outside and pull a couple smokes from my pack, I pass one to Ronnie and light the other for myself.

Mike stands beside me and he wraps his arm around me side as he lights his smoke then tosses the lighter towards Ronnie.

“Thanks.” Ronnie says to both of us. “You’re Spencer right?”

“Yeah I am, we met the other morning after the party.” I say nodding.

Ronnie takes a drag of his smoke covering the filter with blood.

“So that means you’re the girl that was with Mike at the party.” Ronnie said.

“Yes I am, so sorry about that by the way.” I say feeling heavily embarrassed.

“Oh don’t be, sounds like you two had a lot of fun.” Ronnie laughs. Mike feel free to chip in at anytime. Feeling a little awkward here.

“Come on lighten up, it’s not even my house anyways I don’t give a fuck.” Ronnie tries to lighten the mood.

“Mike I thought you said it was Ronnie’s house?” I ask turning towards Mike but he just shrugs.

“It’s my Aunts house, I just moved here about a year ago with my dad and were staying with her for the meantime. Her and my dad had to go to a funeral over the weekend, while they were gone I had a party and he lost his shit when he got back.” Ronnie says taking another drag of his bloody cigarette.

“Where you from?” I ask trying to keep the conversation going.

“Las Vegas actually.” He replies.

“Oh fun! I’ve never been but I’d love to go sometime. Do you go to school here? I haven‘t seen you around?”

“No Ronnie doesn’t go to school anymore. Ronnie wanna take a toke?” Mike finally pitches into the conversation.

“Yeah man, that would be great.” Ronnie says, Mike finishes off his smoke and goes back into the house.

“You know he really likes you?” Ronnie says staring at me. “When he called on Friday asking if I wanted to get drunk I knew something was up, he said he was having girl troubles. Could you believe that? Girl troubles. I tell you out of the entire time I’ve known Mike he’s never had girl troubles before. But that’s a good thing. That means he really like you.”

“You think so?” I ask already knowing the answer.

“Definitely, I’ve never seen him like this, he even called you his girl.” Ronnie said. I couldn’t help but smile.

Mike walks out onto the deck holding his bong, grinder and a bag of good ole’ marry jane.

They get stoned, then we all sit in the living room, watch a few movies and eat some snacks. After a few hours Ronnie passes out on the couch, me and Mike go to his room, I take my jeans and shirt off, put on a pair of pyjama shorts on. Mike crawls into bed with just his boxers. I love sleeping next to him. I crawl into bed next to him. He gives me a soft kiss and then he holds me.

Shortly after we both fell asleep.



Updated :) and much more to come

I really like this you should keep going. Hope you update soon