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Selfish Machines

Chapter twenty-two:

2:22 pm

From: Mom

Sorry I’m not able to be with you for your birthday this weekend but I hope you have a great time, miss you lot’s hope everything is going well.

2:23 pm

To: Mom

That’s okay I miss you too.

She’s never around but that’s something you have to get used to I guess. When she’s around it’s great, ever since my dad died she’d had to work more to support us. So now she’s constantly flying around the world on business trips. That’s why I’ve always been so thankful for Vic and Mike. They treat me like family. I’m never lonely, they’re my getaway.

School’s almost out, it feels like I’ve been staring at the clock the whole day. Just watching the seconds go by. I finished all of my work in the first two hours and with nothing more to do I sit and hold my book up so it looks like I’m reading but I’m just texting. At lunch, I went to the cafeteria to try to find Mike but he wasn’t there so I sat with Jaime. Tony went out for lunch with Alysha like he usually does so it was just me sitting there listening to Jaime talk about all these cool parties he goes to and all these girls he’s been talking to. I mostly just tune out and think about Mike. I love being friends with Jaime. he’s great and all but without Vic around it just isn’t the same. I should text him and see how he’s doing.

2:34 pm

To: Vicky (:

Hey, how are things with Abuela?

I don’t expect him to reply right away he’s probably super busy dealing with it. I wonder how Mike’s class is going. I can’t seem to get him out of my mind lately. Things have changed so much between us in the past couple days. I’ve always pushed my feelings for Mike to the side because it’s Mike. He’s the typical “player” has a new girl every week, never commits, is mostly just an asshole. But when he said “I think I’m falling for you” it seemed different, guys like him don’t say stuff like that just to get in your pants. They tend to stay away from the L word.
Normally it’s “Oh I like you a lot” or “Oh I’ve never felt this way about anyone” the ‘cliché’ guy thing to say.

2:40 pm

To: Mike

Hey (: what are you doing after school?

He seems a bit off this morning, things to be getting pretty hot and intense in the shower, and then he just stopped. Things seem a bit…. Before I could even finish my thought my phone buzzed.

2:41 pm

From: Mike

Not too sure. Might hang out with my buddy. Why wanna ride home?

Why do things seem different?

2:43 pm

To: Mike


I stare at the clock and wait for it to hit three. Today seems to be dragging on, I can just feel my energy depleting. I start to pack my things while I wait for the bell to ring.

After the bell sounds I walk straight to Mike’s car. I check my phone while waiting for him.

3:02 pm

From: Vicky (:

She’s not doing too well, she’s having her hip replaced tomorrow afternoon. They said something was off in her blood work so they want to do a few tests. I miss you.

Before I get a chance to reply Mike walks up behind me and scares me.

“Mike! You scared me half to death” I said leaning over breathing heavily.

“Come on let’s ditch this place and go get some food I’m starving.” Mike says unlocking his car and hopping in.

“Yeah, where were you at lunch anyway? I had to sit there and listen to Jaime bore me to death.” I ask getting into the car.

“They wouldn’t let me out of that room, they said students in ‘suspension’ can’t be around other students for some dumb fucken reason.” he replies starting the car and backing out of his parking spot.

“What? That’s so dumb, they let me out for lunch. I didn‘t eat anything and I probably should have I haven‘t eaten in what seems like forever.”

“Well, maybe you should have made breakfast this morning instead of trying to fuck me in the shower.” Mike jokes.

“Hey! Are you ever gonna let that go?” I say lightly pushing his arm.

“Nope, this is a good feeling.” He says breaking his eyes from the road for a split second and putting his hand on my inner thigh like he did this morning.

“You can’t just start a job and not finish it that’s just not fair.” I say putting my hand on top of his.

“Like you did Friday morning when you gave me that burst of cold water?” I go a little red when he says that remembering our first kiss in the shower.

“Why did you think it was a good idea just to hop in the shower anyways?? Who does that?” I say.

“I do I guess” He says laughing giving my leg a light squeeze.

“Where are we heading?” I ask. Please say In and Out, please say In and Out.

“I was thinking In and Out?” Mike smiles.

“Yes! I was just thinking that!” I say happily. “I haven’t had a burger in so long.”

As we drive to get food we talk the whole way there, laughing and joking. After we finishing eating we drive back to his house. We sit on the couch together watching tv talking.



Updated :) and much more to come

I really like this you should keep going. Hope you update soon