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Selfish Machines

Chapter two:

I heard Vic yell something about going in the pool I said okay and then I stripped out of my clothes and hopped into the shower. I rested my head against the tile wall and let the water drip down my head. I did most of my thinking time in the shower it's nice and quite in here with no interruptions.

I must have been standing there for a good ten minutes before I actually decided to wash up. I grabbed the shampoo and poured some into my hand, rubbed my hands together and started to scrub my hair.

As I was rinsing my hair I felt a pair of hands wrap grab my hips....
I stood there frozen unable to move then who ever was behind my whispered in my ear "You missed a spot."

I recognized the voice and relaxed a bit...

"Mike what the fuck are you doing in my shower?!" I said super pissed off.

He turned me around so I was facing him he had a huge smirk on his face. I tried to cover up but a girl only has two hands.

"Why are you covering up I don't mind" he said looking me up and down god he's such a perv!
"For 1. I do mind 2. I don't like you and 3. Like I would actually sleep with you" I said while looking him up and down, he was in nothing but his swim trunks.

He pulled me closer to him and whispered in my ear
"You know you want it" his words sent shivers down my back.

I decided to play along with his little game. I was very self conscience but I got a sudden burst of confidence and let my boobs out of my grasp Mike looked down and from what I could feel pressed against my thigh he liked what he saw.

I backed up so my back was pressed up against the wall with the water running above me I pulled Mike close to me. I grabbed the back of his neck and pulled his face down our lips just barley but then Mike pushed right up against me and kissed me forceful this time I trialed kisses down his jaw to his neck where I slightly nibbled and sucked. I kissed right below his ear and grabbed the back of his hair pulling a bit I heard him moan and then I knew I was in control.
"I bet I can make you scream" I whispered in between kisses and nibbles.

I heard him moan again then I unwrapped a hand from the back of his neck then put it behind me. I kissed his lips one more time before I turned the nob to freezing cold then hopped out quickly.

I grabbed my towel then ran out of the bathroom quickly wrapping it around myself.
I heard Mike scream and I burst out laughing. I grabbed a pair of underwear and a bra quickly slipped them on under my towel, I turned around to see a very pissed off Mike.

I just smiled and turned back around, I was just about to grab a pair of pants when Mike picked me up and threw me over his shoulder I screamed and laughed at the same time.
He carried me down the stairs and I yelled "Mike put me down!"

"No" he said normally

"Why???" I said in a whinny tone

We reached the back door and I realized what he was doing.

"Mike no!" I yelled trying to get out of his grip. He just held on tighter and opened the door with his free hand, wow he's strong. He carried me over to the pool where I saw Vic chilling on a lawn chair, he looked up at us confused "what's up?" He said. "Vicky help me!" I pleaded, he went to stand up but as he did Mike put me down right in front of the pool.

"Say sorry" he said with his arms crossed.

"Never" I said and stuck my chin out and stood up tall.

"Then I'm not sorry for this" he said as he pushed me into the pool. I screamed as I went in.... I was still in my bra, under wear and a towel.

I swam to the edge and reached my hand out Mike shook his head and Vic was too busy laughing to help me.

"Mike the least you can do is help me out" I said giving him the puppy dog eyes, he caved in with a sigh then held out his hand. As he was about to pull me up I yanked his hand down and pulled him in with me.

We laughed and splashed each other, Vic jumped in with us and we were having a lot of fun. And them I realized something....

I totally forgot about school.



Updated :) and much more to come

I really like this you should keep going. Hope you update soon