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Selfish Machines

Chapter twenty:

6:52 am

“We have to leave in an hour, we can’t be late again.” I say walking over to the closet to grab a towel.

“Were still wearing the same clothes as yesterday.” Mike says while taking off his shirt then grabbing a towel as well.

“What do you think you’re doing?” I walk over to the bathroom open the door and he follows me in. He slowly unbuttons his pants. Now they are just barely holding onto his hips.

“What does it look like I’m doing?” He walks over to me, grabs the bottom of my shirt and pulls it over my head. He unbuttons my pants and slowly pulls them down. I step out of them and kick them off to the side. He pulls his own pants down as I take off my bra.

I turn around, turn on the shower, Mike steps behind me so our skin is touching, he pushes my hair off to the side and kisses my shoulder. He trails kissing up to my neck. Shivers are sent down my spine. He slips his fingers in the edge of my panties while still kissing my neck. I’ve never craved to be touched so badly. He pulls my panties down and they drop to the floor. He pulls down his boxers and we hop into the shower. The hot water pours over us. We’re pressed against each other, I rinse the water through my hair. He grabs the shampoo bottle and puts a wad onto his palm and rubs his hands together. Mike runs the shampoo through my hair coating every inch of it, massaging it into my scalp. With his hands still in my hair he tilts my head up and he kisses me. I bring my head up to rinse the shampoo. I put conditioner in my hair while he washes his. After we both rinse off he grabs the body wash and pours some onto a loofa. He lathers my body gently going back and forth between me and him. We start kissing ever so carefully but in no time it was filled with raw passion. He pushes me against the wall of the shower, our tongues fighting for dominance and mine as hungry as ever. Craving more.
Wanting more.

“I want you.” I say to him between kisses trying not to break. “I need you.”

He just keeps kissing me harder and harder.

“Mike please.” I start to beg. I’ve never wanted anyone so badly.

Suddenly he stops.

“Why did you stop?” I protest.

“Not right now.” He says as he gets out of the shower. He starts to dry off as I stand there in a daze. What just happened? You can’t just do that can you? Just start something and not finish it.

“What the fuck?” I state. I follow suit and get out of the shower grabbing my towel. He wraps the towel around himself and tucks it in just under his waist. You can clearly see he’s hard.

“We don’t have time.” He shrugs. Since when does he not have time?? He opens the door and steams leaks into the hallway. I dry off and chase after him.

“So you’re just gonna lady blue ball me??” I say slightly agitated. Fuck slightly, I’m pissed. He’s pulling his pants on as I walk into his room. After he buttons them up he throws on a shirt. He grabs his hat and slides it on backwards.

“Sorry.” He says while sliding past me out of the bedroom.

“What the fuck!” I exclaim walking out of the room going into mine. I grab a clean pair of jeans and a T-Shirt.

After getting dressed I grab my leather jacket and slide my vans on. I check myself in the mirror. I should do something with my hair. I decide to put it into a messy bun and throw on a coat of mascara before heading downstairs. I grab my backpack and walk outside to see Mike leaning against his car smoking.

“Took ya long enough.” He said flicking his cigarette butt at me. I flip him off before getting in the passenger seat of his car.

As we drive to school he puts his hand on my inner thigh.

“I’m still mad at you.” I say as I cross my arms.

“I know” He gloats.



Updated :) and much more to come

I really like this you should keep going. Hope you update soon