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Selfish Machines

Chapter twelve:

I sat there in between the two of them, how can they just expect me to make a choice? This was not going to be easy. I needed so much more time to think about this.

"So?" Vic asked, starring at me with those big brown eyes that can make anyone's knees weak.

"Umm w-well... Maybe.... Idk" I stuttered

"You know what why don't you take a day to think about it then tomorrow tell us, it will give you time to think. Sorry if you feel pressured, you shouldn't feel like we're pinning this on you. I just want you to be happy" Vic said with a smile placing his hand on my shoulder

And with that I told them I would think about it and I walked upstairs to my room to be alone. As soon as I shut the door to the room I laid on my bed. I really need to think about this. This is so important to me this isn't just a boy this is my best friend that I'm talking about, I can't lose him! And I'm afraid if I choose Mike then Vic will be so hurt and never want to talk to me again. Even though they said no hard feelings I know there will be.

After about three hours think about the pros and the cons about dating Mike then the pros about dating Vic, I could only think about one con to dating Vic- if things turned out badly I would lose my best friend and I wouldn't want to ruin our friendship.

I'm more than positive I slept with Mike and if Vic found out he would kill me. I know what I need to do, and who to choose I walked out of my room and into Mikes to see him sitting on his bed upside down, listening to music in his headphones drumming the air.

I walked over to him and tapped his shoulder. He jumped and yelled when he felt the touch but when he realized it was me he calmed down.

"Holy fuck spence you scared me half to death!" Mike laughed thinking about what happened about 20 seconds ago.

"Haha yeah" I replied running the back of my neck not knowing how to say this to him. He stood up and walked over to me placing his hands on my waist.

"I knew you'd choose me" he said placing a soft kiss on my lips

"Especially after what happened last night, like wow!" Mike said with so much thrill in his eyes, which makes it this much harder to tell him I chose Vic and him. At least now I know I slept with him for sure.

"That's actually what I wanted to talk to you about" I said looking at my feet.

"Umm well, can you please not tell Vic about last night, it was stupid and I was, no we were drunk" I said quickly looking up at him, he back away slowly and sunk into his bed, frowning.

"Umm yeah no problem" Mike muttered

"But Mike it's okay I chose you" he shot up, smiling before quickly exiting the room. I swear he skipped all the way down the hallway.

I walked out to go find Vic to tell him the good news as well. I chose him because it's Vic it's always been him it's always gonna be him. But I chose Mike as well because I can't regret not going with him, and always thought about what could have been. They can't just expect me to choose in one day so I'll do a test run with both and then choose, now it's just a matter of telling them that it's pretty much a race.

I walked down stairs to see Vic in the same spot I left him on the couch watching movies. I walked over and sat next to him.

"Hey" I smiled intertwining our fingers together

"Hey, I honestly thought you would have chosen Mike" he smiled looking down at our finger, he looked back up at me and leaned in a little bit. I leaned in the rest of the way turning my head slightly letting our lips touch and soon our tongues danced together. We both pulled back breathless, that kiss was even better than the first one. "But I'm glad you chose me"

"How could I not? You're Vic my Vic. You mean the world to me and I couldn't live without you, you're my best friend." I said smiling like an idiot and him returning the smile

"Well you should probably start getting ready then" Vic said tapping my knee jumping off the couch

"For what?" I asked puzzled

"For our date tonight" he said leaning down and placing a soft yet passionate kiss on my lips.



Updated :) and much more to come

I really like this you should keep going. Hope you update soon