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The Way Down


"I loaded another box of shirts into the U-haul, sighing as I pulled away, moving to grab another one. I glanced up, seeing a familiar face. No matter where I was or what I was doing, one thing on this tour was not changing. I seemed to have developed a radar for Jeremy. I was acutely aware of where he was when he was around me at all times. He looked over and our gazes met. I jumped, swerving back around and looking anywhere but him. I really hoped he couldn't see the red that spread across my entire face. My chest was burning all the way up to my ears."

Casey Holt is 23 years old and loves her job helping bands on tour, selling merch and doing odd jobs. She's been at it for years. Her favorite bands are Blink 182 and Four Year Strong, she loves fantasy novels, food, Star Wars, and video games. She's just trying to mind her own business and enjoy her life until Jeremy McKinnon comes along and turns everything upside down.

A Jeremy McKinnon (A Day to Remember) story.

I do not own any of the bands, nor the band members in this story.



I literally just started reading it last night. I'm also building up the courage to post my own. And thank you!!!

@Miss Hathor
Ask and you shall recieve! Haha I'm sorry I haven't been keeping it as updated on this site, I didn't know I had anyone who was really into it! It's up to chapter 13, so I'll keep it updated here, too ^ ^ Thank you for the comment :)

Pikaponn Pikaponn

I absolutely love it!!! We need a chapter 10.


Pikaponn Pikaponn