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Wicked Games

You Make It Look Like It's Magic

"Jessie! Have you even started unpacking?" My bandmate Thomas called.
I groaned, throwing a pillow from my bunk at him. "Fuck off, T."
"We're supposed to meet everyone at the party in an hour and you look homeless." Ash said.
"Va te faire! Je suis fatigué." I mumbled.
"English, you asshole! I know you just told us to-" Ash started.
"Don't worry about it. Whatever, our friends are going to come over and see how ugly you really are." Charlie said.
"You don't have friends." I shrugged, squeezing my eyes shut.
My band and I were playing the Warped Tour. It was our first time on the tour and we were pumped. It was sure to be an awesome summer.
"Charlie? Tom Tom?" A voice called, coming onto our tour bus. "Guess who?"
"Alex, Jack! What's up?" Ash called.
"Is Jessie still in bed? Predictable." Someone sat down on the foot of my bed.
"Hi, Jack." I laughed. Jack played guitar in All Time Low and was one of my best friends.
"You're such a princess, you know it? Why don't you get up?" He rolled his eyes.
I sighed, sitting up. "I don't feel like dressing cute or putting on makeup."
"As if you need to. Hey, Jessie." Alex scoffed, laughing.
"Who's here?" I asked Jack, brushing my hair and looking at him expectantly.
"Vic and the guys, Carlile and the guys, Real Friends. . . Radke." He said after a pause.
I groaned. "Fucking seriously?"
"Hey, don't worry about it. It'll be fine, Jessie, seriously." He said.
Ten minutes later, I was dressed in a short teal romper and my violet hair was wild.
"Jesus. How do you manage to look so good in like, fifteen minutes?" Jack asked.
I laughed. "Magic."
"Come on, P." He grinned, steering me towards the party. It was tradition for there to be a huge party the night before the first show.
"Hey, Jack! Jessie!" Vic Fuentes called.
"Hi, Vic." I grinned. "How are you?"
"Oh, bring it in, Jessie." He replied, enveloping me in a hug.
"You guys are so cute. Seriously, like can you just get married please?" Mike asked, laughing.
"Sorry, I'm holding out for a man who's taller than me." I teased.
"Austin! Hey, what's up?" Vic said to Austin Carlile, who'd just come over.
"Hey, Vic. Jessie!" He smirked. "How's it going?"
"Just great, thanks." I said shortly. "And how are you, Austin?"
"Pretty great if you're here." He said, still smirking. "What are you doing tonight, Jessamine?"
"Not you." I said shortly, walking away. The last thing I needed was a distraction like Austin Carlile.



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