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Being Rose

Family Dinners, Fake Boyfriend's and Betrayals

When Mom and Dad invited me over for dinner it wasn’t like I could refuse. Due to my inability to make more than toast and Lottie being able to live off of junk food and takeout without gaining even a pound my diet revolved around food that probably has more chemicals in it than nutrients. Mom is offering me real food! I can struggle through the conversation for one hot meal.
Mom was chopping up vegetables and checking the meat while she was getting through a bottle of wine. And she wonders where I get it from. It’s learnt behaviour. Meanwhile Dad was sat in the corner playing guitar. If I have to have one more family sing song I’m going to scream.
“Where’s the idiot?” I asked casually.
“He’s doing me a favour before he gets here.” Mom explained casually before suddenly realising my word choice. “And Mike isn’t an idiot, he’s just different to you.”
“Is that what you tell him?” I asked and Dad gave me a look. “What favour?”
“Oh nothing.” She waved her hands dismissively. Even Dad looks worried. I don’t know what she’s planning but it’ll probably end in tears. Most likely mine. I narrowed my eyes at her and she narrowed her eyes at me. I raised my eyebrows and she raised them back. “So Rose,” she suddenly said. “What’s new?”
“Hmm…” I thought for a while. What has happened? Nothing I’d want my mother knowing. “Not much.” I shrugged.
“Any men in your life?” oh God not this again. She has a hopeful look in her eyes. Every time I have to watch her heart break as I tell her no, mother, I am just about as single as one could possibly be.
“No, there are no men.” I admitted and watched her sigh quite dramatically like I was doing her a great disservice. When will she do away with this great scheme of hers of getting me married before I hit twenty-five? She isn’t trying to trick Mike into trying on wedding dresses. She isn’t sneaking wedding magazine’s into Vic’s tampon draw so every time he’s on his period he’s reminded of how I’m slowly becoming too old to conceive.
“Sorry, sweetheart. I was just wondering. Are you okay?” I think she’s getting broody for grandchildren off of us young ones. I can see it in her eyes.
“I’m just fine, Mom.” I sighed.
The door bell rang and when she went to answer Dad poured me a drink. I smiled in thanks. At least they’re not opposed to me drinking. It’s usually the only way I can survive Mom’s prying. I took a long sip and tried to imagine I was on a beach somewhere, far away from anyone of Mexican decent.
I might just hire someone to be my boyfriend at any family occasion. It would be so much easier. No arguments, no questions. Just me being left alone and eating all the food. That’s how I liked it. It was worth a go. Dad carried on strumming on his guitar, completely ignoring that I was actually considering paying some poor man to be my boyfriend.
“Ignore her. She doesn’t mean it, darling. No man I’ve met has been good enough for you.”
“Thank’s Dad.” I smiled. Then he went back to strumming his guitar. Mom came back and poured herself another drink, obviously not catching on that I now was on my second. I raised my eyebrows at her and she smiled.
“Rose!” Mike called from in the hall. “Hi.”
“Hey!” I called to him. Then he turned to talk to someone. Apparently there was another someone in the hallway. “Is that you Vic?!” I added.
“No, Vic isn’t coming.” Mom said.
“What?!” I exclaimed. “How did Vic get out of this?”
“He’s with Danielle.” She said fondly.
“How nice.” I went on dryly. I definitely need a fake boyfriend.
“Move over, Rosie. We have a guest.” Mike said, looking over joyed.
I looked between my mother and Mike in absolute disgust. How didn’t I know? They were probably both planning this for weeks, scheming against me. Trying to find the best possible way to anger me. So I already knew who it was before he stepped around Mike. Of all the people in the world it had to be him. I looked at Dad for help and he smiled a little very sympathetically. But his eyes were saying what they usually did in these situations – ‘I had absolutely no say in this, please forgive me’.
“I need a wee.” I declared and legged it out of the kitchen.
“Hello Rose.” Jaime smiled as I passed him.
“Hi.” I forced a smile. I chose to not comment on his ugly tank top or jeans and flip flops combination. I instead hurried into the bathroom. I locked the door behind me and tried to stay quiet. Perhaps if I stay in here long enough they’ll forget about me! But knowing my luck that would happen long after I’d died. It would only be because the good towels are kept in here too. It was all Mom’s fault. She probably pays Jaime to follow me around. The scheming cow.


Hey! Sorry it's been a few days. I hope everyone is okay. Do you like this? What would you like to see next?

Kelci xx


This is one if the best story's I have ever read. And 'We're All Crooked Young'!! You taught me so much about writing a fanfic. Please let me know how I'm doing on mine 'I Am The Ocean'!!

This is one if the best story's I have ever read. And 'We're All Crooked Young'!! You taught me so much about writing a fanfic. Please let me know how I'm doing on mine 'I Am The Ocean'!!

Everyone has different personalities, I love it!


Updated for you!

Had to throw it in!

Thank you! I just updated! :)