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You know who I am, right?

Chapter 1

14th April, 1815.

I heard my mother screaming. It was like torture for my ears. I hid inside the closet while the strange guy walked through our house. His mouth was full of blood. His full face was. He had already killed my father when he chased my mom. My mom ran into the bedroom, where I was hiding in the closet. I could look through a little hole in the closet door. I saw my mom hiding behind the bed as the guy walked inside. My breath was fast and sharp. I felt my heart racing. It felt like it would break through my chest. Sweat was dropping of my forehead. My mom screamed more as the strange dark haired guy grabbed her tightly and hammered his teeth into her pale neck. She screamed louder as before and tried to pull away from him, but he was stronger. Much stronger. I couldn't hold back anymore. I swung open the door of the closet. "Stop you asshole!" I screamed loudly and within seconds the guy let go off my mom. He let her fall to the ground. Dead. She was dead. Her neck was full of blood, but she wasn't bleeding. He sucked every drop of blood out of her. "What did you say?" the guy asked and looked at my dead mother. "Well, I guess it's too late for your mama now, isn't it?" he continued and I stepped back when he came closer to me. I wanted to cry, but I couldn't. There was a vampire in front of me and he just killed my parents. My whole family. I couldn't get a word out. I jumped as my back hit the closet and he grabbed my shoulders. "Now it's your turn, little boy." he hissed and before I could realize, I felt his teeth in my skin. I groaned out and tried to push him away, but I failed. A few seconds later I felt dizzy. I was sure I was going to die now. I passed out. Everything turned black. I lost every feeling I had. No pain anymore.

Two days later.

I woke up in a cold room. It was dark. Only a few candles lit up the room. I was laying on a bed made out of rock. I was still alive? How is that possible? After I blinked a few times, I spotted someone in the corner of the room. A man. "Hello?" I asked carefully and sat up, holding my head. "Welcome back from death." the man said and walked over to me into the light. I knew him. His name was Alan. He lived in the house a few hundred meters away from mine. "What?" I asked confused and frowned as the ginger handed me a glass with a red liquor in it. "Drink that, you will feel better." he said and I raised my eyebrow as I slowly took the glass. The smell of blood came up to my nose. I usually hated that scent, but suddenly it tasted delicious to me. I didn't think for long. I just drank everything that was in the glass. Immediately, I felt a strong pain in my mouth. "What the hell?" I asked and I suddenly felt my teeth growing out. My canines got longer and sharper. They were like razors now. "The first time it always hurts." Alan said and shrugged, watching me. "What? What is going on with me?" I asked confused and groaned in pain and shut my eyes. "You're a vampire. You tasted blood in your mouth for the first time. You'll want more soon, that's why your teeth grow out. Whenever you smell or taste blood, your teeth will become sharper. Like razors. The first time it happens, it always hurts like a bitch, but with the time it won't hurt anymore." he explained and I widen my eyes. "A vampire?!" I asked and got up, holding my head again. "The thing like that killed my parents?" I added and looked at Alan, walking through the room. "Yeah, it was Dux. He's one of the five original vampires. They kill without a reason. They're monsters." he answered and I licked my lips, wanting more blood. "I will kill him. I will fucking slit his throat." I said angrily. "I need more blood." I added. Alan went to get another glass filled with blood and brought it to me. "Here... calm down, Austin." he said and pushed me back onto the rock. "You can't just kill him... he's like different than us." he mumbled and looked down, scratching his cheek. "Us?" I asked and raised my eyebrow, emptying the glass quickly. "Yeah, I'm a vampire too." Alan replied and smiled a little.


ok this is the first chapter and it isnt long, i apologize. but i just wanted to put austins transition into one chapter, before i continue with the present. i will update the second chapter tomorrow and i promise it will be longer!!!
let me know what you think about the idea!!


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