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it seems like forever since I tore myself apart

i don't feel so lonely

Shot after Shot, i couldn't even see straight. My head was spinning and i loved this feeling. I stumbled into someone, and i looked up seeing that dude from earlier.
I couldn't remember his name.. um the dude from the date.

''Oh Ahren!" I exclaim laughing my ass off. ''Hey, we should get you somewhere safe.'' he says, or at least i think so. The loud thump of the rock bass got me hearing sounds.
I see his face grow worried as i double over, and stumble out the back door.

My stomach was in my mouth, and it tasted terrible. I felt tears rush out of my eyes and drop towards the ground as i was dry heaving, and i felt my hair being pulled back.
''hey, get it all out.'' someone softly spoke, but i couldn't tell who.

''Hey Joel, i got it from here.'' I recognized Ahren's voice. I finally felt okay after sitting down, a little away from the.. vomit.
''Hey, im sorry you had to see me like this.'' i spoke softly, running a finger through my greasy curly hair.
"No, its okay. How about we get you home?" He questioned and i remembered my Dad left, and i wanted to stay somewhere else. I couldn't go back there. Not for another day.

Because I will have to unpack, clean, put together everything.

But whatever.

''You can come over to Joel and I's apartment. Its not much, but its enough.'' he said and held out his hand. i think about it, and grab his hand and i get up.
I lead our way through the hot house finding Mike.

"Hey Hottie.'' he said and handed me a drink, water. "I saw what happened, tomorrow is Friday.'' he said and my eyes grew wide.

I was suddenly sober and freaking out.

"Auditions are tomorrow! Shit, i don't even have my stuff.'' i said and i looked at Ahren. ''Hey can you just drop me off at the place we met up at?" I questioned and he looked unconvinced at something.
''You aren't driving.'' he said and Mike pulled me away. ''Really going to let this guy control you? Come on, ill take you home. Plus, Vic is worried about you.'' he said and motioned to Vic behind me.
"Mike, ill take her home. I am the DD. And she can stay with us and ride to the auditions.'' he said and that sounded good.
''I look at Ahren who was talking with Joel.

''Hey.'' i said and he laughed. ''Just go okay? You clearly have better things than me right now. Hit me up when you decide to hangout.'' he said and walked away.
Joel stood there and mumbled a apology to me and i felt tears in my eyes. I was a very emotional drunk as you can tell.

Im not even drunk.

''Come on Vic, i need you to take me home.'' i said and he nodded. Then i realized that i didn't even know where home was. And i wasn't going to call my dad and ask.
''You don't remember do you?" he asked and i shook my head, crying.
My heart felt heavy and my head felt light. My body was falling as my eyes were growing heavy.

Then it went black.

I awoke in a bed, sweaty and bothered. Like too hot. I rolled over, feeling a body by mine. I spased out and ended on the floor, and out the room. I needed a shower or a bathroom.

I saw a door and opened it, hoping it was the bathroom. And it was. Occupied.

Mike was just walking out and we hit chests, causing me to fall back, but he quickly caught me.
"Hey baby.'' he mumbled and took my hand. "Come into my bed?" he asked and i nodded, but after pointing to the toilet.
He walked off and i looked down into what i was wearing. I quickly washed my face with cold water and pealed off the hoodie off. I had droplets of sweat dripping down my chest and neck.

I heard a knock on the door and i quickly opened it, revealing Mike with a shirt in hand. ''You smelt like sweat and looked hot. thought i could help you out.'' he said and i smiled at him. I take it, and put it on and taking the shorts off. I had underwear on and the shirt covered my butt.

He took my hand and we walked into his room. I was relieved when i saw the window opened and the breeze of the cold night.
''Feels good right?" He whispered and i nodded. He pulled me to his bed and i climbed in.





@Say all that you hav to say
YAAAAAY! *hugs back because friendship!*

*finds you and hugs you for a very long time because cuddles* yay

@Say all that you hav to say
Noooo! *screams and attempts to hide*

My cookie!! *jumps over the counter and chases you around the kitchen!*

@Say all that you hav to say
Aww you're seriously too sweet!! *sneakily eats a cookie and attempts to hide it*