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it seems like forever since I tore myself apart

throw your hands up in the air

''Hey dad, im going to the coffee shop, then going to drive around.'' i said and took a water bottle out of the fridge and an apple. Apparently he went shopping before i got up. But im not surprised, i slept late and hes an early bird.

Im like my mom.

I remember when my dad would wake me up for fun, i didn't even have too! he would jump on my bed and shake me awake and tickle. So i would act like i was getting up and walk into my mom's bed and lay with her.

Until one day she wasn't there.

I shoke the thought from my head and I took a bite and grabbed my keys. ''please answer my texts okay? I worry ya know.'' he said and i laugh and kiss him on the cheek.
''Ill see you later Dad, i love you.'' i said and grab my keys and head out the door, with hearing a love you too.
As i walk down the walk way, i look out at the beach and at the water. It was really beautiful. It's a small three bedroom, but it's a great place to hang with friends and chill. Theres even a hottub and below the stilts, witch stands the house, there is a deck and a chill spot.
I love it.

I walk to my car and unlock it, climbing in. "Heck yeah.'' i say and i laugh at myself and pick out a album for the sunny day. It was quite hot out today too.
I have one in mind, i know its in here somewhere.. ah hah.
''Any port in a storm.'' i said reliving the days of this album. as i slide it into the input and press play.
This was the life.

Pulling out of the drive way and heading into the city, i put in the address for the forza and turn the dial up.
Morning light came on and i was singing/rapping along and i felt invisible. I could get used to this.
Driving in the sun, music and warm wind. It was amazing.

As i follow the automated voice i take a left and im on main. I look around as im driving and i see a record label and so many outlets and resturants. its all pretty close. and down the road is a school.

My school.


Pulling into the parking lot, i park my baby siwftly and smoothly and cimb out. I take a deep breath and shut my door, grabbing my wallet, locking it. im right on time due to slow people driving, and im nervous.
''Just due you.'' i tell myself and walk towards the door, sliding in quietly. It wasn't packed, but it wasnt empty neither. Students doing work or people just sitting and chatting.
I look around and see Ahren in the corner, smiling at the ground, flicking his eyes at me. I smile back and head towards the small table, clutching my water bottle i still had in my hand.
"Hey.'' i said still smiling but my shield of invicibility was gone and i was fully nervous. Freaking out acutally.
"I like you shirt.' he said and nodded towards my star wars shirt. "Thank you, how are you?" I asked, taking a seat in the chair across from him.
"im good, hey is that your car?" He asked and pointed at black betty. ''Yeah, i built her a couple of years ago.'' i smiled. It was the happiest moment when i flicked they key over and it started.
''A couple of years ago? Damn, you must be smart.'' he said and his accent flowed like water through my body. It was so smooth and amazing.

''I guess haha, so how about we learn more about each other?" I ask and he nods. ''Yeah but first can we get out of here. I wanna show you around.'' he said and i smile. ''I was just thinking the same thing.'' i said and even though i wasn't this place was dull.

"Have you been to the peir?" He asked and i shake my head. "No, but sounds amazing.''i say and he smiles, laughing.
"Okay so to the peir we go.'' he said and got up, i following in pursuit. ''Wanna walk? Its only down the block a bit.'' he said and i nodded, it was nice anyway, like 80 degrees.
"So, how long have you lived here? Or are you visiting?" I Asked and took a look at him. He was wearing a black jacket with khaki cargo shorts, showing a bit of tattoos on his shins and chucks.
''Ive only just got a job here. Im staying with my friend cause he needs someone to look after him or a while. So i got a job and moved out here.'' he said and stuffed his hands in his pocket.
"So im going to guess you just got here.'' he added a second later and with a dry laugh, i answered.
''Yeah, i want to get a job at fearless records or something. Maybe go into the army or airforce. This place has both so yeah. And my dad's job.'' i said and he laughed. "jobs suck.'' he said and i nodded.
"So i see you have tattoos. Story or for fun?" He asked gesturing to my arms. "I don't know. Some of them yes some of them just druken mistakes.'' i say laughing. Back in Tokyo their age (IDK REALLY KNOW) for drinkin is 18. So i just got a fake.
"Haha, well what about the Amity Affliction one? I noticed it before.'' he said and i look at it.

"Well, Amity is my middle name and my mom's name. It means friends, and coming together and Affliction means fighting.'' i said and i didn't want to elaborate more, but he didn't know that.
"Your mom left didn't she?" He asked sincerly.

"Hey Lighter girl!!" I hear someone call and i turn around and see Mike running at me. "shit'' i breathe out under my breath causing Ahren to laugh.
"Hey wanna hang out with us? I heard there is a rad party tonight.'' he said and i see his friends following.
"Hey im good, im busy right now. But ill catch you later okay?" I said and he looked between Ahren and I with something written on his face. ''Yeah okay, see ya.'' he said and i let out a loud sigh after he was gone.

"let me guess, new guy hitting on you the day you got here.'' he said and laughed. I nodded and shook my head. All of a sudden the cigarette smell hit me like a wall. And i find myself breathing in deeply to smell it. God, im so mad i picked up the habit.

''You smoke too?" He asked and i nodded. "Yeah, i didn't bring them becasue i thought i would scare you off.'' i said and laughed.
"what? You are hilarious, i think smoking is hot.'' he said and i laughed. "I love it to be honest, it kind of calms me down.'' i said and he nodded. ''Hey come on, let me show you something.'' he said and he turned into a alley, not sketch but not so civilized either.
''Ever heard of back alley?" He asked beside me. ''Like the abortion method?" I Asked a little scared.
"Hell no, the graffiti alley. Its rad. Me and my friend, Joel, we started it up years ago. It's amazing.'' he said and took my hand, leading me into a building to the left of the alley. I look down at our hands and smile, this could be something good.

Fresh start fever.

He leads me up these stairs and you can tell that this place is abandoned but its beautiful. "Couple of years ago before Joel didn't need me around, i would visit and everytime we would do something new. Then put the date below it. It is amazing.'' he said and i held onto his hand, not tight, but not lose either.

''We would dance here, smoke, do really everything with our group of outcasts. It was perfect.'' He said and then he led me into a room on the left of the hallway.

As he said it was covered in grafiti and it was truely beautiful. ''Holy shit.'' i said. I didn't let go of his hand, but i did walk over to the wall.

I trace my fingers over the paint of people, words, the sunset, the waves. It was like i was standing in a picture.

''This is beautiful.'' i said and he nodded. "Yeah, i just thought i would share this with you.'' he said and i smiled at him.
"Well thank you, Its amazing.'' i said and he smiled back, looking at the floor. He had a couple of tattoos under his hoodie, and i looked at him.

"Aren't you dying in that?" i asked and i was already sweating, a lot. ''Yeah a bit. I didn't want you to freak out about how many tattoos i have.'' he said and un zipped it, revealing a tank top with a picture of brisbane on the front. He shrugged it off and i looked at his arms. They were covered, but beautiful none the less.

He had cursive ''High hopes'' at the top of his torso, where his neck met. ''Damn, they are beautiful.'' i said and he laughed, tossing his jacket on a chest. You could tell that it had clothes and blankets in it. '
"wanna come back here later tonight with some friends? We can hang out until then..'' he said and i nodded.
"yeah that will be great.'' i said and we both laughed, sitting there.



her this is how i see her and once i get my phone working i will make that her picture



@Say all that you hav to say
YAAAAAY! *hugs back because friendship!*

*finds you and hugs you for a very long time because cuddles* yay

@Say all that you hav to say
Noooo! *screams and attempts to hide*

My cookie!! *jumps over the counter and chases you around the kitchen!*

@Say all that you hav to say
Aww you're seriously too sweet!! *sneakily eats a cookie and attempts to hide it*