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it seems like forever since I tore myself apart

Underneath and flanks and rope

I walk swiftly back into the joint, looking around to find my dad. I see him with a bag of food and I walk over to him, where he sat next to a group of rowdy Mexicans.

Hey, it's California.

I smile once I reach the table, but glare about how close we are to the other people. I wasn't feeling so confidant now, so I don't want to deal with people.
"Got what you probably wanted." He said and took it out of the bag, handing it to me. I smile at him and take it, already feeling nauseas from the smell.

God, I can't eat this.

"Hey so, saw you talkin to that dude, he ask for one?" My dad questioned and I nodded. I hear the door open and shut as if on cue, and see him walking our way.
I don't look up, just at the greasy food, until he slide past my chair, slipping my lighter that I forgot about into my shirt and down my back. I smile a little bit as I pull it out and see his number on it, along with a smoke that says "call me"

cocky bastard.
but I smile and shove it into my pocket.

I look back at my food, then slowly take a bite, and swallow. I try not to gag as it slides down my throat.
"So for school, it's a performing arts school." My dad said and I look at him, taking another bite. 'God fuck this shit'

"okay, when's the first day?" I reply back, taking a sip of my water, trying to down the rest of chunks of nasty food in my mouth.
"Well, Monday. But you have to audition live in two days. I sent them a video of doing Disapear." *yes by issues but it goes with the story okay?*

i nearly choke.

"You did what?" I question whisper shouting. Clearly furious. "I had to, it was to get you in." He replied and just finished up his first burger, going on two.

'God, why can't you be like him? Eat perfectly fine?'

"Oh my god, couldn't you have put in Bondi St. blues or something?" I question putting down my half burger, feeling sick.
"Too late, they want you to preform Disapear. Friday, two days." He said and I get up and walk to the restroom.

'Good, get this out.'

I open the door, shutting it softly, and locking it. It was a one stall bathroom anyway, and when you flicked the light on there was a loud fan.

'Fantastic, no one would be able to hear you'

I slide onto my knees, and put two fingers down my throat. I heave once and twice, burping.

'Come on, you can't afford to digest this. Three more times.'

I do it again, going to four heaves and I feel my stomach lurching and I hear my throat make a gag noise, but it comes up.

'Two more times. Come on you got this.'

I do it again and again, burping gagging, heaving, and making sure nothing is in my stomach.
"Finally." I breath and check my phone, seeing I was in here for only two minutes. "Longest two minutes of my life." I said and I wash my mouth out in the sink, wash my hands and pinch my cheeks.

I always look pale after this.

I walk out and see that the boys and my dad are talking. "Yeah this is Nadya. She will be at Clairmont Too." He said as I sat down and I waved looking at the floor.
"okay wel you would be a junior? I'm guessing?" One guy with a huge set of hair said and I nodded.

"Sweet!! Maybe you will have classes with us! I'm Jaime, this is Vic, Tony and Mike." He said and pointed everyone out. Mike just winked while Vic smiled an tony looked at the floor.

"okay well, we better get going. We have to unload." My dad said and I waved goodbye and mike yet again winked, but I just looked away and walked out.



So a little bit of her veiw


@Say all that you hav to say
YAAAAAY! *hugs back because friendship!*

*finds you and hugs you for a very long time because cuddles* yay

@Say all that you hav to say
Noooo! *screams and attempts to hide*

My cookie!! *jumps over the counter and chases you around the kitchen!*

@Say all that you hav to say
Aww you're seriously too sweet!! *sneakily eats a cookie and attempts to hide it*