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it seems like forever since I tore myself apart

But I'm just drowning, and clasping

"Wow, already found a boy and we've been here for ten minutes." My dad said, eyeing the curious boy I had just met moments ago. I do my little eye roll and stare him down.
He was referring to the rumors at my old highschool


"Hey slut." Someone spoke in my ear and I whip around, seeing him standing there. "Ready for tonight?" He laughed and it's the head jock and his crew. He's the "big" on the basketball team. For a Asian, he's pretty tall.

"What's tonight? Me doing what your girlfriend wished you would have done?" I question with my attitude. I hear feet shuffle and I see a crowd form.

I also hear a bunch of "oos*"

"Or I could just kick your ass." He seethed, grabbing my collar of my track jacket.

"Or you could get off of my daughter." My dad said stepping into the crowd. I smile at him and he just flicks his eyes over to me, then back to buggy boi.

"What are you going to do old man? Fuck your little "daughter" once more so she's more fucked up? Or go back to your huge house with no mommy." He said putting quotations on the daughter part. Everyone questioned my dad because he was so young, but he was stable. The most stable thing in my life right now.

"No, but I'll fuck up your face if you don't back away." He said un buttoning his self cuffs on a shirt I picked out, rolling them up.

"Haha okay, I'd like to see you try.' The Asian said. I think his name is Kim or ling but sorry, I don't wanna be racist.

My dad rolled up his other sleeve and as the jock threw a punch, he quickly caught it with his fist.

"Don't test me jimmy Jim.'" My dad said and I grab my books and walk away, while my father just leaves him standing there.

"Why did he call you a slut?" He questioned with hurt irrelevant in his eyes. What my father doesn't know is that I had lost my virginity last weekend while he was gone.

Everyone had found out and the guy who did it (the head jock for the baseball team who was white and bomb af) but to my opinion, he didn't have consent.

"I have no idea. Just, let's go home." I say and I feel very uncomfortable now,because he knows why.

"Por que..." He said and I just look at him and slam the door. "Ki ante la boca!!" I say back and he just looks at me.

*por que means why in Spanish and ki ante la boca means shut your mouth*

"My Bonita, please just talk to me. " he pleaded and I just lean against our car, black Betty.

"Want me to talk? I want you to be home so I don't get hurt when I'm at parties. I don't want to drive my drunk ass home after parties because I want to get in trouble! I want you to know that I've been hurting because I don't have a mother, I want a father too!! I WANT a friend and a father I can come too for advice. I want you to call more often when you're away and I want you to be home." I said and I ended yelling. I hated yelling.

He walked over to me and grabbed me by the shoulders.

"I promise I will call and be home and be there to pick you up. I'll take two weeks off, I'll make it up to you. I swear. I promise. I'll be there for you. I love you I swear, and I won't let you go. That's something that I really need you too know." He said and he hugged me tight.

"I know. Just sometimes it doesn't feel like it dad." I say truthfully and and sobs out,

"I know and that's going to change. right now." He said and his phone started ringing.

He picked it out of his pocket and flipped it open. "Hello? ... Sorry I can't come in today. Or at all for the next two weeks, my daughter needs me... Yes sir I understand but hey, I got my sick days and I'm using them. Good bye sir and see you in two weeks." He said and hung up.

"Come on. Let's go." I said to my dad and he grabbed my hand and kissed it, letting go. "I love you dad." I added and he smiled and pulled me close, whistling for a taxi.
"I love you too dad."


Short but update tomorrow or later or both :)


@Say all that you hav to say
YAAAAAY! *hugs back because friendship!*

*finds you and hugs you for a very long time because cuddles* yay

@Say all that you hav to say
Noooo! *screams and attempts to hide*

My cookie!! *jumps over the counter and chases you around the kitchen!*

@Say all that you hav to say
Aww you're seriously too sweet!! *sneakily eats a cookie and attempts to hide it*