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it seems like forever since I tore myself apart

There pulling under, and I just want to be freed

We land and get off, nothing too exciting. "Hey dad?" I ask him and he looks down. "Wait, before you ask anything I'm sorry. I met your mother here and it's still sensitive." He said and I look at him and hold back a laugh.
"I was gonna ask when and where do I start school?" I say and he just keeps his gaze on the ground while we walk to baggage. Thank god for walking, my legs can stretch out. I have long legs an I'm pretty proportional with my torso and such, but being about 5"10- 5"11 is hard.

But it's a give and take because I'm not even done growing yet, and it's better for volleyball, softball, track and swimming. My main sports.
"Well I was thinking of what you said back in Tokyo and I think that you should still go, but there are a lot of performing arts schools around here. You could play sports there too, get a good music education and make some friends. The only thing I don't like is that it's spread through out San Diego, but with black Betty, you'd be fine." He said and I nodded. "Dad, thank you." I said and he slung his arm around my shoulder as we arrived at baggage claim.
"yeah no problem kiddo. Auditions are on Monday, all you gave to do is sing and play jay." He said like it was nothing. Jay is my guitar and I have stage fright.
"Dad, I can't do that." I said with a shaky voice as the baggage belt started to roll up. Out of the corner of my eye I see someone standing in a black leather jacket, and yellow lettering. I turn my head fully to get a gaze and he has black and white chucks on, black jeans and underneath his jacket witch is only a quarter zipped up, I see a white shirt with I think its cannibal corpses shirt.
His eyes snap over to me and I look at them.

They are a dark brown that almost look black form this distance and he winks. I flash him a quick smile and turn back to my dad.
"Dad, I can't. If we have to perform our own songs, then everyone will know what I'm talking about!" I say and he just smiles down at me sadly.
"Then I'll help you." He said and I just looked at the belt and saw my bag. I solemnly walk towards it, but someone beats me, picking it up.

Then starts walking away. I see that it's he same man I was staring at. "Hey mister!" I yell out and start to run, since he was walking really fast, must be in a hurry.
"Mister!" I yell out and he swings his head around looking at me and stopping. "That's my bag." I state and he looks at me like I'm crazy.
"It has all the little stickers of bands and places on it." I said and he looked at me, to the bag then back at me.
"Do you speak English?" I question and he nods. "OKay well, that's my bag." I state once more and I point out a sticker I made. It was for rise against, a hand and the grenade but on the grenade it said savior.
"That's my sticker. Dude, come on. Your bag is probably on the belt still.," I said and he looked down at me.
He was awfully quit, but he cleared his throat. "I-I'm s-so-sorry." He choked out and handed the bag to me. I could tell he had a little accent and he was nervous, so I soften my features and smile.
"It's okay, just you were awfully quiet." I said and he looked down.
"Y-yeah, I knew it was yours I j-just needed a reason to talk to you.' He said and looked down at his chucks. I blush and do the same.
"Oh haha, well you did it." I said and he held out the handle to the bag, i, carefully taking it. "I'm Nydia." I said, showing off a little bit of my accent I developed when my mom taught me the language of my name.
"Ahren, do you wanna get some coffee soon?" He questions and I look,at him once more. "Yeah sure. Here, I'll give you my number.' I said and he smiled widely. I noticed someone waiting for him with two bags on each hand. He waited patiently as for Ahren, cause I noticed the smiler attire, and smiled when we caught eyes.
i smile warmly of course back.
I know, giving your number to a complete stranger who asks you too coffee, not smart. But I pull my phone out anyway and give it to him. "Okay well, I'll call you." I said and he nodded.
"see you around Nydia.'' He replied, pronouncing my name correctly. "oh, I like your shirt." I said and I pointed to one of my stickers.

i grab my luggage and see my dad with slit eyes and worries on his tongue. "Ill deal with it." I said and he nodded and started walking with his luggage in his hand.

I'll defiantly call him. "Ahren." I whispered and the name fit well on my tongue.


I'm sick and tired, goodnight lovlies


@Say all that you hav to say
YAAAAAY! *hugs back because friendship!*

*finds you and hugs you for a very long time because cuddles* yay

@Say all that you hav to say
Noooo! *screams and attempts to hide*

My cookie!! *jumps over the counter and chases you around the kitchen!*

@Say all that you hav to say
Aww you're seriously too sweet!! *sneakily eats a cookie and attempts to hide it*