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it seems like forever since I tore myself apart

Authors note!!

Okay guys. Honestly I can't do stories anymore. It's just I am a incoming freshman in high school and I need to have good grades and still excel in volleyball. My summer is jam packed with everything and anything volleyball. I know, I'm not a good writer or fanfic author because I am giving all my stories to my friend Annabelle (chaos wolf). I have her what I wanted to do with these stories and I believe she can get them done better than what I could ever imagine for myself. I am not a good author. I am not a good person to write this stuff because I used it to cope. And now that I am better I don't need it anymore. I am so fucking sorry guys and I feel like I let you all down. I have priorities and this makes me sound like a top notch bitch but this is not one of them. I am already getting noticed by big collages and since I have had knee surgury may 4, I need to focus on getting better and 100%. I feel so guilty but please if you need help this is my contact information

email : spojass@gmail.com

instagram : spojass_5

tumblr: the-amity-affliction-taa

please se guys I encourage you to reach out to me and to ask others for help. I am so so so sorry but you are in better hands now.



@Say all that you hav to say
YAAAAAY! *hugs back because friendship!*

*finds you and hugs you for a very long time because cuddles* yay

@Say all that you hav to say
Noooo! *screams and attempts to hide*

My cookie!! *jumps over the counter and chases you around the kitchen!*

@Say all that you hav to say
Aww you're seriously too sweet!! *sneakily eats a cookie and attempts to hide it*