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The Miraculous Second Life of Blue Eyes


Jules is just an average girl with the weight of the world on her shoulders. Her mother died when she was hit by a semi-truck. Her father abandoned the girl soon afterwards. Her family won't take her in because they're all out of state and can't afford to pay for school fees. Her only friend is her dog. With all of this, Jules can't take anymore. No one is going to miss someone who is completely average, right? The only thing that sets her apart from everyone else is her striking blue eyes that are filled with sadness. No one will remember those blue eyes.

But she's wrong.

Her side job was a photographer. Before she committed suicide, she met with a photographer to teach her more about her hobby. Adam Elmakias helped get her a shooting job with Of Mice and Men. Thing was, the boys grew attached to her. They wanted her back again for another tour.

Then her mom died, her dad left her, and her world came tumbling down. When OM&M learned of her suicide, they mourned for the loss of their friend. Austin, determined to cheer up the guys, decided to adopt a 'tour dog' to help mend the hole in their hearts. A husky with icy blue eyes became part of the family. The eyes reminded them all too much of Jules.

They say that when you give up on life, you're done for. Gone. Never again to be seen. Thing is, Jules got a second chance. She had one more shot to make a better life for herself, despite circumstances. But her second chance came with a little more than she bargained for...


Blue Eyes

Blue Eyes

The dog that attracts the Of Mice and Men's attention...

Jules Jenson

Jules Jenson

With her mother dead, her father gone, and nothing left to live for, she finds a second chance at making a better life.

Of Mice and Men

Of Mice and Men

This band was the closest to Jules. Although Austin was the closest to Jules, they were all deeply effected by her death.



Jules' only companion, an adorable little pug puppy.



Please update dying to keep reading this

DoOm DoOm

Update please I love this story!!!!!

haha it's from one of my favorite Tumblr posts :)

Awww thank you! I hope you continue to enjoy all its little quirks! :D

This is my favorite story! I love how unique it is!

Candy_Monster Candy_Monster